Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2018

Holy Moly week 2 went by quickly!

Sunday afternoon we celebrated the World Cup with our own version on the Soccer Field.   If Leelanau reflects the Real World, then France’s prospects are looking very good this year.

Sunday evening at Council Fire Weldon reminded us that while Camp is fun, it is also an opportunity to grow in character.  As we tucked in Sunday night each counselor recorded specific character quality goals that each camper wanted to work on in the coming week.  And boy that sure set an inspiring tone for the whole camp!

Monday we waved goodbye to our nine campers and three counselors as they adventured their way to the Upper Peninsula for four days of kayaking and hiking at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

We figured that while those guys were gone we might as well send the entire Junior Section out on the Junior Flag Trip that day too!  Those little guys worked hard and played hard out in the woods all afternoon, raiding, tackling, and expressing their best qualities.  The CT Boys helped them out with the logistics of building jails, cooking dinner, and setting up Camp.  Both the North and South Juniors really put their all into the game and kept it close and competitive the whole time.  Way to go Juniors!

Tuesday brought some normalcy back to the Camp schedule, as the Juniors returned to Camp in time for morning activities and their very important Store Day and Laundry Night!  Basically Tuesday is a good day to be a Junior at Camp Leelanau.

Wednesday brought rain in the morning, which meant shower dips and a walk through inspection, but by the time activities and -more importantly- Off Camp Cabin Day arrived the sun was out in full force.  We sent kids to Empire, Bar Lake, and Glen Lake for some inspired and super fun Cabin Day events!  That evening we were privileged to host guests from Kohahna at our Wednesday Evening Testimony Meeting at our special spot on the hill.

Thursday we sent five brave young men way far out into Lake Michigan on a Chartered Fishing boat, and boy oh boy were those fish biting!  Our team returned triumphantly with eight, count ‘em, eight enormous Lake Trout!  When they brought them into the kitchen Patrice, our cook, said, “Well, now I won’t have to order hamburgers for Sunday Cookout!  We’ll have a Biblical Experience with these fishes!”

Friday the weather began to heat up, and the Lake has been following suit ever since.  Friday afternoon the North and South Teams worked to prepare their acts for the 15th Annual War of Comedic Attrition (a competitive talent show.)  Both Teams performed excellently and boldly made their case for the crown of Funniest Team of the Year.  A few highlight performances were the Brother Nutwell’s Drum Battle, Anibal Losing his Ox, and Rex Heath impersonating Hunter Hummell.

Saturday morning the heat was really starting to stick to us, so we turned on the sprinklers on the Soccer Field and played touch football with the whole camp while moving the sprinklers directly onto the line of scrimmage for each play.  It kept us smiling, cool, and able to still play our hardest.  In the afternoon we turned our thought off of our selves and broke up into groups for Camp Service.  We washed vehicles, filled sand bags, moved large logs, and picked up trash all in order to take care of a place that takes such good care of us.

Saturday evening ended with a hardy game of Soccer and then Soap Dips in Lake Michigan with the sunset.  We can’t think of a more perfect way to end another amazing week at Camp Leelanau!

Till next time,

The Men of HQ