Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2019


A wise person once said, “you don’t take the cookies out of the oven until they are fully baked.”  We couldn’t agree more!  The reason we have long sessions here at Leelanau is so we can spend more time digging deeper into the lessons and qualities we strive to learn and express here at Camp.  The longer time we spend in this oven, the better we come out into the world ready to share our warm gooey goodness!

Which is the reason that not one, not two, but all three of our 2-Week Session first year campers have opted to extend their sessions to the full 3 weeks!! Wahoo!  We love these kids and their willingness to jump right into Camp and beg for more.

On Sunday afternoon we played a hilariously fun and creative game based on the SpongeBob television program where teams needed to work together and collect ingredients to make the perfect Crabby Patty.  Maybe that means something to this audience; it was comically lost on our Camp Director.

After a spirited and inspiring Council Fire, Camp Leelanau headed to bed with sweet dreams for the week to come.

Monday dawned misty with the threat of rain in the forecast.  Undeterred the entire Junior Section packed up and headed into the woods for the honored tradition of the Junior Flag Trip.  Good sportsmanship, good raids, and tackles took place for the better part of the day.  Unfortunately, the heavens did indeed open up on them late in the afternoon and before you know it, there are thirty soaking wet juniors, shirts off, triumphantly singing at the top of their lungs, riding the Blue Bus back to Camp to finish their trip in the Leelanau Lodge.

Monday’s storm brought mighty inspiration from the Camp Director Tuesday morning and before the cannon could even finish her singular sentence of Kaboom! He was chasing the kids down to the beach for exercises and dips.  No quarter will be given on the expectation of growth around here!

On Wednesday we eschewed the idea of Cabin Day in favor of taking the whole Camp to Empire Beach, so kids could play in South Bar Lake, Lake Michigan, and the large playground all together.  These kids needed a good afternoon of sand and water, and they returned to Camp properly exfoliated in preparation for Wednesday Evening testimonies.

Thursday saw the return of the burly men of Cherokee that hiked Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore for the previous four days.  As well, five brave folks headed out into Lake Michigan for Charter Fishing and brought home seven whopping trout!

Friday we engaged in the hollowed first session tradition called the North-South Comedic War of Attrition.  A competitive comedy and talent show allowing all of Camp to get up on stage and celebrate their various skills.  While there are a few campers that thrive in that limelight, for others this is an important step out of their comfort zone, and just one more way we at Leelanau develop the whole Man.

Obviously, after an evening of singing, dancing, and dressing-up on Saturday we donned our Camos once more and played an all Camp tackle game called POW.  The boys headed into the woods defended their sites, raided their opponents, and called “Caught, caught, caught!” until lunch time.

One week left to make sure all of our three week cookies are ready for the platter, and as Weldon said at Counselor Meeting Saturday night, the gloves are coming off and we are hitting week 3 with all the energy, love, and enthusiasm we have!

-From the Desk of HQ