Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2021


Week 2 in the books and the numbers are extremely telling!  The Sammy 5000 has been working overtime this week to crank out some excellent numbers.  Let’s take a look.

Comedic War

Two Weeker Departures

Number of South Juniors playing on the Junior Flag Trip on Monday:  12
Number of North Juniors playing on the Junior Flag Trip on Monday: 14
Number of CTs and Counselors facilitating and supporting the Junior Flag Trip:  16
Number of Box Lunches ordered from the kitchen for the Junior Flag Trip:  36

For those keeping score at home that adds up to “Sorry CT’s, we might have forgotten to count you in the Lunch numbers!”  But don’t worry Mom’s we tracked down extra sandwiches for those CT boys.  J

Final Flag Score of the Trip, North 8 – South 4.  Good job North Juniors!

Number of Campers in Black Swan: 4
Number of Counselors in Black Swan: 2
Number of hours in Cabin Day: 2.5
Number of hours spent trying to rig or detangle fishing poles and reels: 2.25
Number of Fish caught using fishing poles, bait, and tackle on the Crystal River during Cabin Day: 0
Number of Fish caught with bare hands by some very quick and tenacious small children: 8
Number of Fish caught by Counselors at all: 0

Number of total miles covered by the crew that hiked Pictured Rocks this week:  31.2
Number of total miles covered in their longest hiking day on Tuesday: 15.3
Number of hours it took that crew to cover their mileage on Tuesday: 12.5
Number of miles the CT boys hiked the following day when they got a little turned around over by Shell Lake: 10.4
Number of hours the CT boys took to cover that distance:  2.8

Moral of the story; if you set out for a nice long hike, feel free to take your time.  But if you were supposed to zig and instead zagged…take a note from the CT’s and hustle!

 Number of Comedy and Performance Acts presented by each team in the North/South Comedic War of Attrition on Friday:  9
Number of Acts that involved campers in dresses:  8
Number of Campers that were extremely reticent to return their dresses to the Costume Room after the event:  all of them!

Number of Two-Week Campers we had to say goodbye to on Saturday morning: 6
Number of Two-Week Campers that have already enthusiastically assured us they will be back for a full 3 week or longer session next summer: 6

We will certainly miss those fellows but are very excited to dig deep into this final week with our Three Weekers and make some amazing moments!

Star Totals:  North 5925, South 4700

-From the Desk of HQ