Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2022

Cannon Report Week 2

Greetings from the RCA Shed. I, Josh Sablan, Director of all RCA (Really Cool Activities) will be reporting out regarding the happenings at Camp Leelanau from my view of things from the dusty corner of the Maintenance Pole Barn known fondly as the RCA Studio.

It was quite a week for Camp Leelanau, as far as I could tell. The boys walked back and forth on the trail past my shed many times a day, mostly heading to meals I assume. Turns out we are feeding these youngsters three times a day!

On Wednesday all of the Juniors showed up to my activity in dark green clothes. I assumed they wanted the glue sticks and paint to stop showing up on their usual uniforms of Generally Athletic Clothing and Close Toed Shoes. Boy was I wrong! The Juniors were actually dressed in their Camos in preparation for the Junior Flag Trip. I heard the Caughts and Flags called up on the back property ridges, and could feel the positive Sportsmanship brimming all the way down here in the RCA Shed that afternoon as the young men stepped into the hollowed tradition of Capture the Flag in the woods.
Since they didn’t ask me, I didn’t provide them with green and black tempera paint for camouflage. And since they did ask me, I also did not provide them with their handmade wooden swords for this exciting event.

Word around the shop, (I saw the actual Maintenance Team working on this) is that the Canoe Trailers were in high demand this week. A handful of Boys headed to the Picture Rocks National Lakeshore with kayaks for some up close and personal opportunities to Picture the Rocks from their boats. This sounds like an RCA project that I should have been a part of. I’m a bit miffed I was not invited to participate, I mean, Pictures and Rocks are fundamental to any good RCA project.

The other significant use of the Canoe Trailers, I learned, was the CT Boys preparing for their week-long Trip to the U.P. From the shed I observed them coming and going in their paddling gear, as they learned more skills throughout the week.

Toward the end of the week there was quite a bit of skuttle about an event called the Comedic War of Attrition, a North-South Comedy and Talent Competition. Wow, I could hear the hoots of laughter even while running the jig saw and sander for the 87th wooden sword I was helping an Argonaut craft. Sounds like both teams brought their best for the joy of Camp.

All in all, it was a good and productive week at Camp Leelanau – as seen from the RCA Studio. While other folks rate things in stars or thumbs, I’d give this week a three out of three Glue Sticks!

Signed, RCA Director Josh.
-From the Desk of HQ