Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2009

KaBoom, “I FEEL INSPIRED!”   The feet hit the floor and the kids are out the cabin racing HQ down to the beach just as this session is racing to a close.  With just a few days left to love Camp before the three-weekers go home, we all feel inspired in the Land of Delight.

The temperature dropped but spirits stayed high during our trip week.  As mentioned in last week’s Cannon Report, Pictured Rocks, the Junior Flag Trip and the Stealth Trip all went out on Monday.  Junior Flag was a great success with a nail biting finish, the East Team taking the victory 24-20 after a 15-15 tie at dinner break.  The CT’s helped facilitate the trip getting their first taste as counselors by setting up tents and cooking meals.  The next morning we brought hot chocolate to their tents and got a peak of their quiet time before they headed back for another great day of activities.

The Stealth Trip spanned three days and two nights and gave more of our campers a chance to sleep in the woods.  The first night everyone took part in an Iron Chief cook off.  The friendly competition set the tone for a relaxed trip at the DH Day Group Campsite.  Mother Nature who tried to ruin the trip but they overcame and played a rousing Stealth Game the following day.  The guys really liked the trip and enjoyed the softer side of trips. 

Pictured Rocks was the last trip to return.  The hikers and kayakers both had unique and enjoyable trips.  The kayakers explored inland lakes and streams in their kayaks, as well as thrilling van rides through logging country.  On day two the hikers and kayakers met up and camped in the same campsite, where the hikers relived the breathtaking views and the pleasant trial they encountered.  The hikers continued their trip and made it back by Thursday afternoon while the kayakers headed home early and partook in some Frisbee golf in the morning.  Both groups had a great time, everyone coming back inspired and excited for their last week.

The weather is warm again and the lake feels great.  The CT’s set out early Sunday morning, giving the campers in our older cabins a chance to be leaders in Camp.  Our waterfront is in full swing as the canoers and swimmers hit the water in force to start earning their levels.  Junior sailing is on our beach this summer and we are offering the climbing wall for the first time after several years.

We had several overnights this week. A group also attended a performance at Interlochen for a night of culture.  We took advantage of our small numbers to have a co-ed evening.  The boys ate with the girls, and then played a rousing game of three legged kickball and knockout before finishing the night with root beer floats on the Great House Deck.   

Camp has had a great week two and beginning of week three.  We will surely miss our brothers as they head home, but will always keep camping “friendships strong and deep, till we meet again”.