Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2010

Oh my heavens, we have just finished the three-week session. Where did the time go? Well, we will have to tell you. We made sure that we kicked off this past week right.  Our boys have been working with the theme this summer of being a little bit better everyday, and they definitely did it this week.

We missed our 13 CTs who went up to Canada to canoe the Chapleau River. They had quite a time up there with some very full days of paddling and some very full nights of mosquitoes. Also this week the Advanced Boarder Camp trip went out. A small number of our older campers went out into the woods with few supplies and learned how to live off the land with true pioneer spirit. They all had a chance to get to know a lot more about Michigan’s edible plant life and which ones actually taste good.

We had a very special activity this week called Leelanau Band. Two of camp’s all-star musicians, Thad Bruno and David Stewart, worked with the help of some of our counseling staff to put on a mini rock show for the camps. From the porch of Gemini they performed the Beatles classic “Let It Be” and the Weezer anthem “Pork and Beans.”

We had our second annual Backwards Day this past Wednesday. The entire Leelanau daily schedule was turned on its head. The day started with hymn sing and church. It featured a large amount of children and counselors walking backwards and wearing clothing backwards. Then the day ended with quiet time and dips, which felt great on a hot evening.

On Friday, we had our three-week funny awards fire, which came after our final banquet. It started with a very unique fire built by the cabin of Cherokee.  There were great awards like The Small and Awesome Award, which was given, among others, to the Crib Team’s very own Eric Olsen. There were also more serious awards like The Regulus Award, which goes to a camper who expresses honor, integrity, and courage. This year The Regulus Award was taken home by Zacher Lewis.

We sent the three weekers home in a hurricane of hugs and then prepared camp to welcome home our four weekers. Change over day was about as beautiful as you could hope for and had both camps down on the beach enjoying the lake. Camp is looking great and we are excited to tear the roof off the 4 week session.

Just another day in paradise from Pyramid Point.