Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2011

The bombs bursting in air, Ka-Boom!  Echoes of “USA, USA, USA” floated through camp as we celebrated the 4th of July.  Kohahna and Leelanau dressed up in their finest red, white, and blue clothing and held a raucous, yet respectful, flag raising, including a Jimmy Hendrix rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” performed by members of our kitchen staff and our riding counselors on the back of two horses.  Once we had saluted our flag we headed to the Port Oneida School House for lunch, games and painting faces.  Counselors Tom Bisbee, Brett Banning and Drake Schaberg lent their creative talents to the process, which included drawing the Spider Man symbol, huge all face flags, and handle bar mustaches.  The First Church in Glen Arbor lent space so we could decorate Big Blue (our school busses) with balloons and banners in order to act as the centerpiece as we walked, sang and threw candy in the Glen Arbor town parade.  After the parade everyone took a well-deserved break before heading back to the soccer field for an afternoon of fun in the sun.  Monday night the Juniors and Waukeenas headed down to the beach to roast marshmallows and play in the lake, while the Seniors and Wild Woods hiked to the Sand Bowl while playing games of Python and Telescope Tag.  You can watch the video here:

After such a crazy day it was nice to be back to the normal schedule on Tuesday, which gave us an opportunity to send the Manistee River trip on their way.  Successfully instructed by Reed Timoner, six campers and two counselors had a great time hiking and canoeing along the Manistee River.  Highlights included early morning dips in river and time bonding by the fire.

Having the Manistee River trippers gone reminded us of the seven counselors in training (CTs) and two counselors working their way through the wilderness of Canada.  They paddled down the mighty Sand River, enduring long portages, swarms of mosquitoes, and inexperience.  However, the beautiful scenery, playable waterfalls and good company ensured a successful trip.  We welcomed them home Thursday night with open arms.

While the CTs were finishing up in Canada, the rest of camp enjoyed Yad Sdrawkcab (Backwards Day)!  We started the day with taps and church, then ended the day with dips and the canon.  We had spaghetti and red sauce for breakfast and pancakes for dinner.  It was a fun way to change things up and add a new level of freshness to the end of the session.  Although the mixed meals played tricks with all of us, ending the day with twenty minutes on the beach is quite possibly the best way to end the day.

Thursday brought back a sense of familiarity, with regular scheduled activities and the last afternoon and evening activities for the session.  However, Friday brought back the craziness as campers packed up and prepared to go home.  Weldon led a beautiful Crib Team Project Runway in the Junior Bowl to help limit lost and found, after which campers packed their trunks and headed to the beach or RCA room to work on Funny Awards.  After flag we all marched down to the Great House for the Three Week Final Banquet.  We gave the kitchen staff a cook’s parade for the delicious dinner they prepared, and sang tons of songs, culminating in “Stand up and cheer!”  Following the banquet we met at the Funny Awards fire to hand out the awards we worked so hard on during the afternoon.  Drake Schaberg won his second Best Counselor Award, the Small and Awesome Club expanded their numbers, and Weldon waxed poetic over the qualities of camp and how we need to take those messages home.  It was a great way to send our three weekers home yearning for more.

Week 3 was full of activities, but went by like the blink of an eye.  In this way it is a perfect representation of the three week session.  We will miss our brothers, but are excited to have a new batch of boys who rolled in on Sunday.  This session is going to bring more excitement, and more opportunities for growth.  Everyone here is ready to seize the day before it slips away and we’re stuck at home planning for next summer.

“Tip top, don’t stop, second to none, Sir!”