Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2012

“The days are long here at Leelanau” long pause, another bite of grilled cheese, “But the weeks are short!”  –  excerpt from a lunchtime conversation between a kid in Black Swan and Weldon.

Week 3 was a blur of bright sun, splashing water, and red, white, and blue! 

All of the boys got to ride the BRAND NEW BLUE BUS to the front side of the dunes and the shallows on Monday for water polo and dune soaring.  Unfortunately the bus had some “mechanical trouble” in Glen Arbor, though it wasn’t anything a small twist cone from Riverfront couldn’t fix J.

Wednesday brought the traditional enthusiastic and high energy event known as the Fourth of July (perhaps you’ve heard of it, independence is kind of a big deal).

Both Leelanau and Kohahna joined forces in the morning to end the repressive regime of King George (Weldon) and Princess Charlotte (Sue) by riddling them with Bombardment balls and throwing them into Lake Michigan.  We then marched in the Glen Arbor parade in all of our finest face paint and shared the camp spirit with the entire community.  We played games back at camp and just enjoyed the whole camp family in celebration all day long.  Check out the great video that Jamie Eichar and Katie Duntley put together here.

Thursday and Friday blurred together as final activity levels were scrambled for, final evening activities were played, and pizza and milkshakes got moved by a day to make room for our three week final banquet on Friday evening. 

Funny awards culminated the session with a loving, and at times hilarious, exchange of awards and recognition for all of the good friendships developed and growth accomplished in the previous three weeks.  Hats off to Dane for managing the RCA studio as the “funny awards bomb” was dropped on that building!

Saturday morning we said good-bye to our three week brothers, wishing them the very best for the balance of their summer and their school year.  We will see you three weekers right back here next year, ready and raring for another great go!

The Men of HQ