Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2013

Can it really be the end of Week 3?  Time flies as we fill our days with amazing moments. 

One young man in Black Swan swung by the head table this week and informed HQ that they ran a fantastic camp.  We would have to agree!  Camp IS fantastic!

The bright sunny skies of week three found the whole camp on the Big Blue Bus on Tuesday evening soaring over dunes at the Frontside, and tackling with abandon at Water Polo, – we even let two Junior Cabins in on the game, while we sent the oldest boys to play with the youngest boys in the big all sand pile we call Sleeping Bear Dunes. Not surprisingly the bus seemed to have a “liggiter valve” come loose right in front of Riverfront.  Don’t worry Mom and Dad, a small twist of soft serve fixed it nicely.

Wednesday found all of the boys hither and yon for the last Off Camp Cabin Day.  The Blue Bus made deliveries all over the greater M-22/ M-109 metropolitan area for the kids and counselors to make lasting memories together once more.

On Thursday the cannon reported America’s Independence, not once, not twice, but six times as we ran down to the beach for dips.  In the morning fog the American Citizens (campers) fought once more for their independence from Britain (counselors) in a spirited re-enactment of the War of 1812.  A nautical battle ensued, involving paddle boards, bombardment balls, water balloons, and the King’s Flagship (the rescue boat) eventually being overrun by the American Citizens, and The Crown (Weldon and Kathleen) standing in the stockade (lifeguard tower).  

With that much excitement before 10 AM, the parade and group games in the afternoon were a sunny breezy joy!

On Friday we packed up our three week campers, celebrated them with a Final Banquet, and exchanged both hilarious and tender funny awards, sending each one home with an assignment to use the good lessons learned at camp among their friends and classmates at home.

Thank you three weekers for a wonderful first session!  We have loved every moment and cannot wait to see you back here on the shores of Pyramid Point!

The Men of HQ