Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2014

And like the wind, the three weekers slide past us…

Holy-moly this week flew by and before anyone could even begin to Stand Up and Cheer the three week campers were packing their bags and getting picked up by Mom and Dad.

Not without a good bit of amazing Camp activity through the week though…

Sunday afternoon the heaven’s smiled upon us with a warm sun, southwest breeze, and, by golly, we hit the beach. Hard.  Sandcastles, body surfing, paddleboards, kayaks, even a kite boarder drifted by, all down on our beach for the first time all summer.  There is not a more glorious way to celebrate summer in Northern Michigan than to hang out with forty of your closest friends on a beautiful beach!

Monday saw all ten of our Early Birds off to paddle the Mighty Betsie River with their Quartermaster and our intrepid Trips Counselors.  This left the Backwoodsmen in Camp to play a high-energy tackle game in the evening called Prisoner of War.  For those in the know, it’s a whole lot like Foxes and Hounds, but with more strategy.

Tuesday’s highlight had to be evening activity, we played Water Polo with the big boys and played on the Frontside of the Dunes with the little boys, and low and behold the bus broke down right in front of Riverfront.  It turns out that once everybody on the bus has consumed a small twist cone, the bus usually turns right back on.  Go figure.

Wednesday offered some cooler weather in the morning, but the sun knew its role in the afternoon as we sent the boys off for their final cabin day of the session.  We had scavenger hunts, activity blitzes, and a little bit of pie baking to round out the events.  Wednesday Evening Church found the kids popping up with testimonies so fast some of them nearly contributed to further erosion concerns in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Thursday both Leelanau and Kohahna joined to celebrate America’s Independence in an event we called 3/4ths of July!  The morning began with a hearty revolution in the Boys Camp, where the “High Court” was overthrown and the “People’s Court” took over HQ.  Water balloons, dodge balls, and a few well-aimed squirt guns made for a many highlights among the campers.  The balance of the day included the usual shenanigans with relay races and patriotic sand castles.

Friday arrived far too quickly and we had to start packing up our Three Weekers.  The evening of banquet, performance, slide show and Funny Awards will be remembered for years to come. All of the campers shared funny and tender moments as they recognized each other at our Funny Awards Fire.

All though it is sad to see our Three Weekers depart, it is with a lighter heart knowing they are going forward to bless the world and reflect the inspired light they have been infused with this summer.

From the Desk of HQ