Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2016

BoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoom is how the boys woke up for the Fourth of July!  The cannon reported the morning’s arrival with 28, yes 28 announcements as we ran down to dips.  We rallied in the morning to save Ben Franklin and were reminded of our responsibility to keep Camp and our Country free from the tyranny of anything but Perfect Harmony!

(We also marched in the Glen Arbor Parade and played some fun games with Kohahna.)

The CT Boys spent the week in Northeastern Ontario on the Temagami River System exploring Lakes and Rivers, Wilderness and Wildlife, and gaining a deeper appreciation for God and each other.  They returned triumphant on Friday Afternoon with many great tales to tell.

Tuesday Evening both the older boys and the younger boys played a much-loved game at Evening Activity called Foxes and Hounds.  It was the last chance to practice tackling with Love for our Three Week Campers and both sections reported success.  Some very memorable Soap Dips in our refreshingly pleasant Lake Michigan of course followed the games.

Wednesday was Cabin Day for the boys and each Cabin found something unique to fill their afternoon.  One of the highlights was the Cabin of Argosy baking 167 chocolate chip cookies to share with our much loved Support Staff and the rest of the boys Camp later in the week.

Thursday evening we loaded up the Big Blue Bus and took the entire Camp to the Frontside of the Dunes for an evening of high-flying, front-flipping, dune-sliding, and steamrolling good times.  The evening ended with the Bus “breaking down” in front of the ice cream shop in Glen Arbor.  Nothing like a Camp Cone for everyone to get that bus back up and running again!

Friday we experienced a super bazaar, and short-lived, hail storm. Fortunately all of the boys were nestled in the Lodge when the hail hit, and we simply worked on our tasks and then headed to the cabins to pack up without anyone really taking too much note of the storm.

It’s hard to believe that three weeks could have gone by SO quickly.  At our Three Week Funny Awards we celebrated each other and discussed all of the highlights and learning that has occurred this summer.  On Saturday we sadly said goodbye to our Three Week Campers, sorted lost and found, cleaned the bathhouses, and prepared for the onslaught of boys arriving for the next session.

We also took the Seven Week Campers out for ice cream and tubing on Glen Lake.  We couldn’t possibly forget those dedicated Campers who have committed their whole summer to being with us here on Pyramid Point.  We love those guys! 

We miss you already, three weekers!  But we can’t wait for the second session to unfold!


The Men of HQ