Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2017

In a flash…the three-week session comes to an end.

It is hard to believe three weeks can go so fast.

This final week of the session probably felt so fleeting because of all the good, wholesome, and enriching activity that took place.

A few highlights from the week include:

Jr. Bombardment Monday Night, with Sunset Soap Dips!   While the Seniors played E.T. Ball on the field, the Juniors worked hard to swing those dodge balls over the net towards each other.  It is fun to see the progress from Week One Bombardment to Week Three, with improved sportsmanship, poise, and competency among all of the youngsters.

Fourth of July!!  Camp had a BLAST as both Kohahna and Leelanau revolted against the King and Queen of England (Weldon and Pippi) and brought them down with dodge balls and archery tag arrows from the top of the climbing tower.  We marched in the Glen Arbor Parade.  We played games on the soccer field.  We spun sparklers and ate s’mores!

Bringing home the CTs was another highlight of the week.  All eight young men returned from Canada on Friday with large grins, a huge sense of accomplishment, a few mosquito bites, a greater sense of brotherhood, and a heightened reliance on God.  They also had all five very muddy canoes and incredibly smelly clothes.  J

On Thursday evening the whole boys Camp climbed into the Big Blue Bus for an evening of Water Polo and Dunes!  The big boys knocked into each other at the Shallows, while the young ones flew up and down the Frontside of the Dunes.  At showers that night every nook and cranny was de-sanded and the Junior Shower floors looked like a beach!

Cabin Day was another huge highlight for all of the Campers as we sent Shawnee sailing on Glen Lake, Cherokee biking at the VASA Trails, Iroquois Jumping off the Dock at Empire, Barbados spinning on the merri-go-round at Old Settler’s Park, Argosy and Black Swan swimming in Otter Creek, and Shoshonis sneaking around stealing a dip at every other Cabin’s locations!

On the topic of Wednesday our evening testimony was like a game of “Whack-A-Mole!”  The kids were popping up with testimonies so fast the Reader barely had time to say “Thank You.”  It’s a good problem to have when a Camp is filled with so many healings and expressions of gratitude from the Campers!

The Week came to a wonderful and meaningful conclusion on Friday evening as the boys gathered and shared their Funny Awards with each other.  There were some tender, hilarious, and deeply moving moments shared that filled the Three Weekers up full with a sense of love, brotherhood, and willingness to head back into the world and set the example for others all around them.

We love our Three Week Campers and cannot wait to see them here again next summer.  In the mean time we are ready and raring to go for the Four Week Campers to arrive!

The Men of HQ.