Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2018

Where does the time go!?  It’s a good thing we know time is not a mortal measurement; otherwise it would be going way too fast!

On Sunday we spent the afternoon playing our big beautiful lake.  Beach Bonanza means kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, the raft, sailboats, and the swim area are all open for business and the kids can go from one to the next and enjoy our amazing asset A.K.A Lake Michigan.

It felt like Monday began the countdown towards the end of the session.  There was a greater fervor to achieve levels in morning activities from the very beginning of the week.  With two periods of Blacksmithing, Archery, Riflery, and full Sailing and Waterskiing classes it was clear that folks were getting down to business.

Tuesday evening we took the Senior Section over to the Shallows for this session’s last game of Water Polo.  It proved to be a highlight of the week for many of the boys because the CTs were in Canada all week on the Spanish River and that left room for a few of the other Senior Boys to dominate the game.

Wednesday,  July 4.  A day to celebrate two things that originated in America; Christian Science and Summer Camp.  It’s true.  Without the freedoms in our constitution, and a desire to maintain a level of outdoor adventure born on an early frontier, neither institution could have flourished.  But what you really want to know is what did we do that day!?

We set aside regular activities, joined the girls at their flag raising, and watched a horse and rider gallop across the Great Lawn with an American Flag streaming behind her.  We painted team banners for our activity groups, we marched in the parade in Glen Arbor, we ate a picnic lunch in the lodge, and then prepared our “troops” for “battle” on the soccer field.

Mid-afternoon the cannon fired again and the “War of 1812” begin in earnest!  Francis Scott Key (Reed Timoner) led the young American militias to the beach for the naval battle against the British Navy, led by Weldon and Pippi.  The kids stormed the beach -grabbed lifejackets, paddles, and boats – and took down the British Navy with bombardment balls and a great deal of splashing!  Those Camp Directors didn’t stand a chance!

By Wednesday evening we had many testimonies to share as well as endless highlights from our day together celebrating America’s birthday.

On Thursday we got back to business in our activities and started to craft our Funny Awards for each other.  That evening we took the entire Camp to the backside of the dunes for a fan favorite evening activity called Dune Football.  Great plays and passes were made and on the way home the Bus happened to break down for a few minutes outside the Glen Arbor Ice Cream shop.

Friday we began the process of packing and cleaning up our three week campers.  The evening was boisterous and joyous as we sat for our Three Week Final Banquet and then shared our Funny Awards with each other.   Many special moments were shared around that campfire spot.

Saturday morning saw the Three Week Perfect Dippers bring their well earned spoons to the beach for one final baptism in Lake Michigan.  We saw them off with hugs and assurances that we would all be here on Pyramid Point again next year.

We cannot wait for our three week brothers to come home to Leelanau next summer, but are also excited for our four week brothers to join us soon!

From the desk of HQ