Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2019


Week three in the Books!  But boy oh boy this one sure was a page-turner!

Sunday afternoon we engaged in an epic battle of Paddle-Board-Dodge-Ball.  Out on Lake Michigan, the kids teamed up with each other and scooted around on Paddle Boards and threw dodge balls at each other.  Actually, let’s be honest the title is the best descriptor.  Needless to say, the feedback from the Campers was extremely positive.

Monday dawned bright and began a positive streak of amazing warm weather for the week.  We hit it hard with Morning Activities and a few extra events like a fishing trip to Bass Lake, and our own Paul Olsen lead an advanced Outdoor Cooking afternoon and evening for a few guys.

On Tuesday for evening activity we loaded the Big Blue Bus one more time for a whole Camp game of Dune Football.  Full contact, with counselors playing, and everybody rose to the occasion.  Great plays were made, and the final point of the game was particularly nail-biting.

Wednesday found us scampering around Pyramid Point for our on Camp Cabin Day, with cabins at the Sand Bowl, on the Ropes Course, on the Zip Line, and Team Building in the Pine Forest.  We all came together that evening for one of the most inspired and hopping testimony meetings our little hillside has seen.

Thursday totally blew the wheels off the donkey cart!  Happy Fourth of July to all, and in our patriotic fervor we flipped the whole Camp Schedule on it’s head.  Our Fourth of July celebration had an Avengers Theme where all of the kids were broken into groups to train and prepare for battle with Kang the Conqueror.  The Staff members dressed up like various Avengers, the kids marched in the Glen Arbor parade, there were water balloons, dodge balls, and sidewalk chalk in everyone’s hands at various points throughout the afternoon.

Our evening was a beautiful walk up to Pyramid Point and the Sand Bowl for the older kids and a bonfire on the beach for the younger.  Both groups had the opportunity to quiet down after a very loud day and reflect on the accomplishments of the session.

Friday arrived way too quickly.  We couldn’t believe the final 24 hours of the three week session were upon us.  It felt too soon to say good-bye to these delightful young men that grew with us so much in just three weeks.

Without any sadness, but our consistent boyish vigor, we packed up our trunks and beds in the afternoon before indulging in a delicious Three Week Final Banquet.  After the Banquet we gathered in our special Funny Awards Fire Ring to share and commemorate many happy moments and memories with well painted pieces of wood.  Weldon stood up and closed it with a rousing reminder that we need to take Camp home with us and share it as we move on to our next experiences.  All of the boys seemed moved and motivated to do just that!

We are sad to see our three-weekers depart, but we know they are going off to do great things for their communities outside of Camp.  And now we shift gears to welcome home the burly four week campers!

-From the Desk of HQ