Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2022

An overheard conversation between Leelanau Trips Counselors Japhet Hoff and Jacob Warrick (nickname JCB):

“JCB, we did a ton of stuff this week at Camp while you were gone.”

“Japhet, I’m willing to believe that a large number of activities occurred, however referring to those activities as a measure of weight seems highly inaccurate.”

“Okay, well, while you were canoeing down the Paint River with the CT’s all week, we were celebrating the heck out of the Fourth of July. We finally went back to the Glen Arbor Parade and threw candy from the bus, we played some games on the Soccer Field, and there was some nonsensical story line about Liam and Everett getting brainwashed by Pippi and Weldon. I didn’t totally understand that part, but Weldon was dressed up like Kurt Zimmerle and was a bad guy. Obviously, it ended with a melee battle in Lake Michigan and waving the Flag around enthusiastically.”

“That sounds fun, did they get to see any fireworks? We canoed through a local waterski show on the Menomonee River. It was rather unexpected and surprising to see floating ramps on what we expected to be a wilderness experience.”

“What? Say that part again. But no, no fireworks, it started to rain in the evening, so we wrapped up with Co-Ed Council Fire Games in the Lodge. It was a hoot. Now go back to the waterskiing show.”

“There isn’t much more to say, it was a good CT Trip to the Upper Peninsula. Did you get out on any trips this week? That is your job you know.”

“Wow, okay. Yes, in fact I did take seven campers, an Instructor!, and Grizz down to the Nordhouse Dunes Area for a one night trip. The kids loved it, we played in the dunes, our campsite was beautiful.”

“That sounds nice, how did the Instructor do? Did he pass?”

“He did great! He definitely passed and the kids loved it.”

“Nice, anything else fun happen while I was away?”

“Usual camp stuff, I don’t know everything that happens on the other side of the Ottawa Bridge. I know they took the whole Camp to the dunes for Dune Football on Thursday. I think they played Water Polo on Tuesday and –“
“I missed WaPo again!”

“Yeah, and it was a really good game, the sportsmanship was top notch. It really feels like the boys have grown a ton this session.”

“That’s good. I’m glad I’m going to be back in Camp a little more during Week 4. And I’m grateful I was home in time for Funny Awards. Those were particularly special this year.”

“Agreed. We better stop chatting and get some rest. I have an airport run to Grand Rapids tomorrow with Larry Olsen.”

“Good night Japhie-Cakes.”

“Good night JCBuddy o’ mine.”