Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2010

We kicked off the session with a glorious opening day composed of a delectable lunch complete with Jan’s cookies and lots of beach time. On Monday evening, the seniors ventured back to the Shallows for our second round of water polo. This particular game was filled with scoring as the two opposing teams battled for the upper hand. Later that night, the Spirit of the Manitou visited our new camp friends and revealed their team: North or South.

In Land Sports, the sport of the week was baseball in preparation for Friday evening’s Ole Ball Game. During one of the activities, counselor Steve Hufstader pitched onions to the fellas to liven up batting practice. This new spin was wildly successful and a bit smelly. When we got the ballpark, the teams were buzzing about Brett “Moonlight” Graham. He was set to defend his title as reigning Home Run King. After the preliminary rounds, Brett went to bat first hammering ten homeruns before grounding into his last out. Michael Wise then stepped up to the plate and with only two outs left nailed three more homeruns to pull ahead of Brett as the new Home Run King. The person who cheered loudest for Michael when he connected with the winning home run was…Brett Graham. We love this kind of competition. Push yourself, push your opponent, and may the best man win.

After an exceptional week of activities, the juniors went to visit the “Backside” of the sand dunes while the seniors hiked up to Pyramid Point and the sand bowl. And as always, Saturday night included another amazing game of soccer at Miles Kimmerly Park.

Sunday we brought back the “Beach Carnival” as our afternoon activity. The North and South teams competed in a variety of activities some more traditional like the sailing race. With other more creative events like the team canoe race with two blindfolded seniors paddling and a junior in the middle to direct. The event ended with none other than the greased watermelon. It wasn’t sunny, but the boys all had a great time.

Our fourth week council fire opened with a skit from HQ encouraging all of camp to continue to strive for excellence and not let opportunities pass you by. We also included a pie-eating contest for four of the juniors who had to find a total of five Kix pieces each in a bowl covered with whipped cream. The Backwoodsman learned about the art of Ninja, and the seniors elected three people to represent their team for our fire-building contest. After the stars were totaled, the South team now has 15,342 and the North team has 18,880.

At the end of the evening, camp alum Jim Cooley spoke about his experience as a camper; how he had to figure out that striving to achieve his levels was cool. And it was the right thing to do. We are grateful for all of the warm weather we are receiving-keep it coming!

It’s time for another fabulous meal at camp. We love the kitchen staffJ

Camping Frienships Strong and Deep