Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2011

With just one week gone in the second session of camp we have past the midway point for our summer and are starting to plan for parents to arrive Encore weekend. The camp machine is running on all cylinders as we push toward the end. With Flag Trip prep and the Ole’ Ball Game this week, the Flag Trip and other of camp excursions the next, and final banquet looming on the horizon less then three weeks from now it is important to take a minute and reflect on the what just happened this past week.

The second session started with a bang. The weather has been sweltering and the lake has been perfect all week, beach periods have been a much welcomed time of day. On Monday afternoon we headed back to Bar Lake for our swim test. We had guys playing in the waves on Lake Michigan, a group playing football in the channel connecting the two lakes, some boogie boarders, sand castle builders, and lots of sunscreen. It was the ideal afternoon to start camp. That night the seniors had a rousing game of obstacle kickball and the juniors met on the courts for some bombardment.

Tuesday morning a group of campers from the oldest two cabins headed to Lake Superior Provincial Park in Northern Ontario on Lake Superior with Will Bisbee and Freddy “Momo.” This group of 5 advanced campers spent the week dipping in the cool clear waters of Superior as they hiked the ancient granite mountain range that exists along the coast. One of the most popular, challenging and prestigious trips we take; the beauty and majesty of the region helped make this trip another memorable adventure.

Back in camp the rest of us continued to enjoy the warm weather. Games of Dune Football, 5 on 5 basketball, foxes and hounds, and senior bombardment filled our evenings and soap dips before bed were the ideal end on some perfect days. On Friday and Saturday we were also blessed to have the TMC Youth lecturer, Chet Manchester, stop by and give a series of talks to the boys and girls of camp. The staff even got to enjoy a dawn hike with Chet. During these talks he covered relationships, trusting and following God’s plan, and the Sermon on the Mount. We even got our guest out on an evening ski with Billy, Ben and a handful of expert level skiers.

Saturday afternoon was a day of brotherhood as the oldest boys headed to Good Harbor Bay with the Early Bird cabins. They played in Shalda Creek and Lake Michigan to stay cool as the temperatures approached 90. We sure are grateful to be blessed with Lake Michigan and so many other cool lakes and rivers to play in. Sunday we took full advantage of the lake and had a traditional North v. South Beach Carnival. Let me tell you, the egg toss was epic and the relay medley helped a number of guys working on righting canoes in wavy conditions. The event was capped off with a hard fought contest for the greased watermelon. That night at Council Fire as we stood around the fire we sang the Leelanau Song, Stand Up and Cheer. I got a chill as it echoed down the hill and it clicked just how incredible this week was. It truly was a Leelanau Week.