Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2012

Cannon Report Week 4       

Second session came tumbling down Port Oneida with more vigor than the Blue Bus on Cabin Day.  The Boys Camp has swollen to 71 campers and 22 counselors, and boy, oh boy, we have hit the ground running!

Sunday night opened camp with a Council Fire for the Ages.  The skits went on and on, the challenges engaged everybody, and the soulful reflection, sense of peace, welcome, and home pervaded the hillside.

Monday the whole crew invaded Bar Lake for our swim test and found success swimming, skim boarding, and tossing the football.

Tuesday started out so very normal with dips and quiet time, but by dinner we were playing Water Polo and having a picnic with the whole camp at the shallows!  The spirit of the Manitou paid a visit to the first year campers and both the North and South teams welcomed some fine new contributors to their hallowed ranks.

On Wednesday our cherished Trips Counselors scooped up all of the Junior Cabins and absconded with them onto the trail.  Argosy and Black Swan journeyed to the Sand Bowl and Gethsemene, Tortuga hiked the Platte Plains, Barbados canoed the mighty Betsie River, and Sea Hornet traveled the ever-adventurous Marilla Trail on their mountain bikes!  All of the trips had beautiful sunny weather and returned safely to camp on Thursday morning.

Friday night brought us to a highlight of every summer, the Ole Ball Game!, a rigorous North/South celebration of America’s Pastime.  This year we gathered at Glen Lake School’s ball field for the Home Run Derby, Jr. base running games, concessions, and of course the main event: 7 innings of baseball!  It was an exciting game down to the very last play.  Check out Jamie Eichar’s video here.

On Saturday Weldon got ahold of the entire camp and pulled together a very creative, questionably educational, and hilariously fun, reenactment of the Old Testament.  To be more specific:  the campers built idols out in the woods from found materials, “smashed” them (meaning a creative tackling game of tagging other teams’ idols), and readied themselves to learn the 10 commandments (“came together as one nation” Exodus 32).  It was an unrivaled success! 

Three more weeks of incomparable growth, learning, and fun to go!

The Men of HQ