Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2013

The Four Week Session has begun!  
Sunday we opened our doors once again to the hoards of four-weekers, thirsty for the good that Camp Leelanau has to offer.  Council Fire reminded us why we come home to Leelanau and to make the most of all of the moments that Camp has to offer.
On Monday we jumped right into activities, the Bar Exam, and an evening of Biscuit Mayhem for the Juniors and Pozdawg for the big boys.   Tuesday found the whole camp working together in the evening to determine the victor of the camp districts as we played Leelanau’s version of the Hunger Games.  Socks were pulled, dodge-balls thrown, and a few very sneaky folks finished in the winner’s circle.
Wednesday had us waving good-bye to the 8 brave backwoodsmen headed for the Mighty Pine River Trip for three days.  We also celebrated our individual cabin identities with some amazingly creative on-camp Cabin Days.  Some played wrestle-mania, some the Ropes Course, some buried treasure, and some explored the mud-pits.  Needless to say the testimonies were copious as we sat on our very special Church Hill that evening.
Friday morning we unleashed a brand new Camp Tradition on both Leelanau and Kohahna by hosting our first ever 5K and Fun Run on the camp property.  Over 50 campers, counselors, and staff signed up to inaugurate our very hilly 5K course, while the rest of the camp cheered them on.  The Cannon started the race promptly at 8 AM and everybody expressed grace, stamina, and athleticism for all 3.1 miles of the race.  It was amazing to see the whole camp family come together for this event!
On Saturday Camp took a very different tone, when two of our most creative counselors put their heads together and created an All-Camp game based on popular video games and brought us the “Zombie Apocalypse”!  The kids began as villagers being chased by the counselor zombies, but slowly became zombies themselves until there were only five boys left in the final rush for the safety of Lake Michigan.  An amazingly fun game, and an opportunity for memories that will last long into the winter months.
We cannot wait for another week full of growth and governance!
The Men of HQ