Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2014

Writing these notes allows for an important moment of reflection on the sheer tonnage of activity Leelanau packs into only one week of Camp.  The Camper’s arrival last Sunday seems like a lifetime ago.

On Monday the cannon boomed loud and proud as all 87 members of Camp Leelanau took their first dip together in Lake Michigan.  The afternoon brought swimming and frolicking in Bar Lake for the second Bar Exam of the summer.  What a wonderful way to start off the second half of summer!

Tuesday dawned with a little more menace in the weather.  However a few rainy clouds could not put down the Spirit of Leelanau.  Our Super Tuesday of afternoon and evening activities carried forward despite the cool rain.  We played water polo at the shallows, gaga and zipline at Camp, and all came together for a big picnic of Super Chicken.  Later the Spirit of the Manitou came to us and assigned teams to the brand new campers.

Wednesday found the sunshine once again, and just in time for the whole Junior Section to head out on various Cabin Trips.  Black Swan hiked all over Pyramid Point and camped on the back property.  Tortuga hiked on the Platte Plains, while Barbados and Sea Hornet paddled the mighty Platte River.  We even sent Iroquois down the Pine River.  Back at Camp the seniors competed in a series of athletic tournaments and explored parts of the county for Cabin Day.

Thursday brought us our only “normal day” schedule for the whole week.  And…normalcy is good too.

Friday found us at the umpteenth annual Ole Ball Game.  North and South faced off for an excellent game of slow pitch over at Glen Lake School.  The youngsters represented themselves well with their running of the bases and games of pickle, and the oldsters literally knocked it out of the park during the Home Run Derby.  It was a close game until the final inning when South scored five runs to come form behind and pull out a win.

Saturday the whole camp piled onto the Big Blue Bus, one more time and headed over to the Frontside of the Dunes in order to fully encase ourselves in sand.  In the afternoon we had the privilege of hosting C.S. Lecturer Joshua Niles from Boise, ID for his lecture on Living in Harmony.  Many inspirational thoughts were shared, it was wonderful listening to the good questions the campers had for Josh both after the lecture and into the evening as he joined us for Saturday Night Soccer.

Weldon’s theme at Council Fire this Sunday is “Don’t Wait”.  He is asking Camp to take the initiative more, look for opportunities to give and grow, and not to wait for something to happen to us.  We are looking forward to another excellent week and know that every single person at Camp is pouring their heart into everything they do at every moment.

From the desk of HQ