Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2016

Second session is out of the gate!!

The dust hasn’t settled, and we don’t expect it to for three more weeks!  Monday the Big Blue Bus brought the boys to the Bar Exam.  Many levels were passed and barriers were broken through, as over 92% of the Leelanau Brothers are now Level 3 Swimmers.  Woot-woot.

On Tuesday we invited all of the Senior Section Boys to participate in a newer event called the Flag Trip Combine.  This is where everybody receives the opportunity to showcase their skills at lashing, cooking, and tackling in The Woods.  This allows the Team Captains to create even teams for the Senior Flag Trip, which departs next week.  All of the boys worked their tales off and expressed great joy out there.

Wednesday, as if we hadn’t done enough already, we sent seven cabins out on Overnight Camping Trips!  Argosy and Black Swan teamed up and hiked around the beautiful hills and valleys around Pyramid Point and camped on our Back Property.  Tortuga and Barbados took sticks, fishing line, a few worms and hooks, and headed to the Sand Lake Quiet Area to slay Sunfish all day long.  Iroquois biked the Heritage Trail from Empire to Lake Michigan.  Last, but not least, we sent Shawnee to Kayak around Empire Bluffs – unfortunately the waves were so large they opted to keep the boats on the beach and hike around the point instead.  This turned what was intended to be a mellow trip for Shawnee into a true Shawnee Brawnee!

Of course we also allowed Shoshonis to Canoe the Crystal and Algonquin to go Tubing for their Cabin Days here at Camp.  So many memories were made for so many kids this week!

Thursday we continued to have high winds and large waves, which the sailing class and windsurfing class found frustrating from a teaching perspective, but everybody on the waterfront sure loved the body surfing and raft play it provided.   Our evening found us playing Thursday Night Soccer for the Juniors and Bombardment for the seniors.  Don’t worry, the Crib Team still won Bombardment with only the Schaberg Twins present.

Friday.  One word: Ballgame.  That is correct, the Ole Ball Game was played between the North and South Teams on Friday evening!  We packed up the whole Camp and took them to the Glen Lake Ball Field and played four extremely exciting innings with a narrow victory by South in the final inning.  North took the Home Run Derby home with Landon Schabes hitting 31 Home Runs!  (a new Camp record).  Both teams worked their tails off and gave it their all for the love of the game!

As stated above, the dust hasn’t settled and we aren’t looking back for three more weeks!  There is just too much amazing activity to participate in and too much good growth in Christian Character to experience to dare stop for a second for three more weeks!

From the Desk of HQ