Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2018

We don’t mess around here at Leelanau!!  Wahoo, we are going strong and the momentum just keeps on building!

Sunday brought the quintessential Opening Day; families arrived to drop off their kids earlier than noon (which means they definitely skipped Church in Glen Arbor,) kids rolled into Camp already knowing their way around, and the sun was bright and warm all day so the Lake was welcoming the Four Weekers home with open arms!

Monday we hit it hard with the Bar Exam (swim test) first thing in the morning, followed by cabin team building in the afternoon.  By evening the older boys had played their first game of Water Polo for the session, the younger boys had flown around on the dunes, and everybody had earned a bowl of ice cream!

Tuesday demanded a course correction over to a “regular schedule day” for the first time since maybe the previous Thursday.   Keep in mind that “regular schedule” doesn’t mean any less fun; in fact, it means more learning and challenge in our morning activities and more fun in our afternoon activities.  It also means the Juniors got to play Bombardment that night, and the Seniors ran hard on the field for Flag Football.

Wednesday we really took the wheels off the apple cart as they say!  After one whole day of “regular schedule” we threw it out the window again and sent everybody on various Cabin Trips.  Argosy went to the Platte Plains, Tortuga camped on our Back Property, Barbados canoed the Platte River, Sea Hornet hiked in the Sand Lake Quiet Area, Cherokee kayaked from Northport to the literal tip of the County, Shawnee canoed to the Gull Island Bird Sanctuary, and Algonquin biked on the Marilla Trail along the Manistee River.  Campers working on their Advanced Outdoorsman led each of the trips and did strong work to make each trip a success.

Thursday brought everybody home in time for regular morning activities and everybody was feeling like things were getting back to normal, until Reed and Joey came along and announced the Flag Trip Combine as the Thursday afternoon activity.  The Combine means that every Senior and CT heads up into the woods behind HQ and practices proper tackling technique, learns correct lashing, and builds a fire with which to boil water.  From the Combine campers are drafted onto either the Panther or Tiger Flag Teams.  All in all, it turned into a very exciting day!

Friday usually means pizza, milkshakes, and Junior Soccer. But this Friday we traded our pizza, milkshake, and soccer interests to Thursday so we could focus solely on a little thing called The Ole Ball Game!!  That’s right, brats and dogs, soda and the Home Run Derby caught the whole camp’s attention as we loaded the bus and headed to the Burdickville Ball Field.  The North and South Teams met on the diamond for a friendly but competitive game of America’s pastime.  It was a game to remember with great plays made by both teams!

We are enthusiastically looking ahead to next week as the Senior Flag Trip heads out on Tuesday and the Backwoodsman Flag Trip hits the woods on Wednesday.  Sportsmanship will be at the core of all the activities this week and we can’t wait for more good to unfold before us!!

From the Desk of HQ