Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2019

Boom Boom Boom Boom

If you are just joining us the booms are for the cannon.  The number of booms corresponds to the weeks of Camp.

And this was certainly a Four Boomin’ Week!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to all the Four Week Campers, we are SO glad to have you home.

Sunday night Council Fire was a spirited event with a visit from the Great Siam and all of the counselors introducing their activities and celebrating the success of the 3-weekers.

Monday dawned warm and welcoming as we dove feet first into our Mighty Monday routine of playing games with our cabins to get to know each other better, and ending the morning with a little bombardment on the tennis courts.  The afternoon took us to Bar Lake for the good ole Bar Exam Swim Test.  Many level 3’s were passed by even some of the youngest fellows.  One might think that such a full day would encourage us to return to Camp and hunker down, but NO, not Camp Leelanau for Boys.  We headed from Bar Lake to the Shallows Picnic Area of Little Glen Lake for a hearty picnic dinner of Super Chicken.  More group games and name games followed before finally turning the Big Blue Bus home towards showers and bedtime.

Tuesday offered a uniquely normal day of Camp before we turned things over on Wednesday with an on Camp Cabin Day where we found cabins doing various sports, team building initiatives, the High Ropes Course, and being super cute if your Cabin is called Black Swan.

Thursday we sent the young fellows to the Dune Climb for evening activity because we were worried they would revolt from all of the showering they were doing after evening activities this week if we didn’t absolutely cover them head-to-toe in sand first.  Success!  After an evening of Dune Flying they all acquiesced enthusiastically to a fourth shower in as many days.

Friday we sent the older fellows back to the Shallows on Little Glen Lake for a rousing game of Water Polo.  Many fantastic tackles and plays were made in the glow of the setting sun.

Saturday gave us one more day of morning activities to complete levels.  Next we played the very popular “Hunger Games” with the entire Camp running and pulling flags, sneaking and throwing dodge balls, and creating and breaking alliances throughout Camp.

We can’t wait to keep up the fun, the growing, and the true character development that goes on here on Pyramid Point.

– From the Desk of HQ