Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2009


This is the phrase that summed up our 5th week here at Leelanau, as it has been jammed packed week with goodness.  In a few hours the Senior Flag Trippers will be singing, “Stand up and Cheer” as the blue bus brings them home for their traditional dip on the beach.  Camp is eagerly awaiting their return and to hear their experiences, adventures, and healings that they had in the woods.  You can picture the sight of today’s lunch deck time being filled with the younger campers intently listening to the stories of the flag trippers.  Though I don’t know the official score of the flag trip, I can say that the North team was leading in flags during the early part of the week.

On the same day the Seniors left for their flag trip, the Backwoodsman also left for their own flag trip.  Later in the day, the back property hills were ringing with the sounds of the Backwoodsman yelling, “Raid, Raid, RAID!!!”  Another trip that sent out was the senior Meatball trip.  The Meatball trip consisted of the remaining seniors that did not go on either of the flag trips.  After lunch they hiked to the sand bowl for a game similar to the famous Dune Apocalypse, and then hiked to the Cradle, behind the Great House to spend the night.

With the Backwoodsman and the entire Senior section out of camp, the only two remaining cabins were Argosy and Black Swan; however this didn’t diminish the fun they had.  Argosy and Black Swan hiked up to 360 Lookout where they munched on sweet wild raspberries, checked out the historic one room school on Port Oneida, and watched the sun slowly set over the Manitou islands.  With camp all to themselves the little guys played a new game called squirrels, had a picnic at H.Q., and went to the dunes to play.

Everyone but the Senior Flag Trippers, were back to camp for a great sunny cabin day.  The cabins took advantage of all the sights around Pyramid Point.  Some of the cabin day events included tubing on Glen Lake, exfoliating at the mud pits, shooting the culverts in tubes, dune jumping at the backside, and a Glen Arbor mission.

As this week is winding down, we are looking forward to the last regular week of camp before the 7th brings all of its celebrations and ceremonies.  It has hard to believe the sun will soon be setting on the 5th week, but before it does we still have plenty more fun to have.