Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2010

Chyeah! This past week, the annual Leelanau Senior Flag Trip took 22 campers and 6 counselors deep into the verdant forests of this region for four days of intense demonstration.  From Tuesday to Friday, both teams built and maintained a structurally complex campsite of logs and twine, cooked all of their own meals, and played a full contact game of capture the flag. On Wednesday, the teams went head to head during the beach carnival in games from the cleanest camper to rock skipping. Upon returning home, all members of both teams helped unload the bus before hustling down to the beach for a most refreshing and rejuvenating dip. And though North may have handedly won on the scoreboard, there was much to celebrate on both sides.

Also on Tuesday, the Backwoodsman Flag Trip went out to our back property (aka “Canada”) for a shorter version of the flag trip. This game was also filled with lots of flags and structures. The remaining members of the senior section went down south to Grand Ledge for a climbing overnight. They saw, they climbed, they conquered. And not to be left out, the Early Bird cabins spent some exciting cabin bonding time together before sleeping over in the Leelanau Lodge and eating breakfast burritos in the morning.

The County Fair returned to Camps Leelanau & Kohahna for an afternoon of fun in the sun. Campers and counselors brought out their best country dress and enjoyed the different booths set up by the staff. Bull riding is a particular favorite. As always, there were lots of water balloons and the classic dunking station was fully utilized.

Sunday evening’s council fire brought lots of laughs as David “Jumbo Tron” Libbe continued his hilarity with his impersonation of C3PO. Kurt Zimmerle also brought a standing ovation as he cart wheeled over the fire. At the end of the evening, camp Alums Blair Anderson and Charlie Martin addressed the crowd sharing Flag Trip stories and reminding the group that it is the people around the fire that makes Camp Leelanau unique.

This is Leelanau!