Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2011

Week five has picked up right where week four ended:  with great competition. On Monday evening we held the first ever, North v. South, Manners competition. Following lunch, each team selected six participants and they met with our guest judge (Laura Ann Johnson, LOC director and Kohahna Alum), to get their criteria. When the two teams arrived at dinner they were dressed in their finest camp attire, and enjoyed an evening of decorum and class. Max and The Burg represented the Crib team, and the South team took home the crown with Aaron Carter winning best individual performance.

On Monday we also sent out two burly canoeing trips. The Backwoodsmen headed south to the mighty Pine River and the Early Birds cruised down for a swift paddle of the Upper Platte River. It was cool to see these trips go out at the same time because it demonstrated the progression of skill teaching that happens on trips. The Pine is a much more challenging river and yet all of the guys were well prepared thanks to their Early Bird experiences on the Platte, Betsie or Crystal Rivers.

The following day was Super Tuesday. We had regular morning activities but in the afternoon we broke out all kinds of special programming. The Pioneers played a hilarious game of Python Tag, the Backwoodsmen cranked up the fans and flew down the waterslide and the Early Birds hiked out to the Zip Line. Later in the afternoon the seniors headed to the shallows for a great game of Water Polo while the juniors headed to the Dune Climb. We finished the day by convening at the park next to Little Glen Lake for Super Chicken and games.

Wednesday the heat really got cranking and every cabin took their cabin day off camp to enjoy the various lakes and rivers in the local area. Some went tubing on Glen Lake, a couple cabins went to South Bar Lake, one went to Glen Arbor, and Shoshonis made it all the way to Otter Creek Beach with the Big Blue Bus. We continue to be grateful for so many places to dip and splash around.

On Thursday much of the focus shifted into the woods as Flag Trip Tryouts and Practice commenced. The seniors from the oldest cabins worked on their understanding of tackling, lashing and team dynamics as 16 boys from each team competed for 12 spots on next weeks trip. The North and South teams seem focused and poised to create an epic trip sixth week.

These senior campers came out of the woods after practice on Friday and took place in the classic Ole Ball Game.  After singing the National Anthem, grabbing our dogs and peanuts the events began. Evan Eisenauer blasted out four deep balls to take home the home run derby but the North team had the final hit as Phil Sholeen cranked a ground rule double through the fence in the bottom of the extra inning. What a game!!

The week commenced with a fun filled day at the fair. Leelanau joined Kohahna outside the lodge and enjoyed a sunny late afternoon of fair amusements including bobbing for apples, pillow jousting, bucking bronco, and the old favorite, the dunk tank. What a fun way to end a full week. Check out the video from the fair. Other photos can be seen on the camp website. We are looking forward to finishing the last two weeks of the summer with a bang; tune in next week for more.

The Men of HQ