Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2012

“Flag Week”

Yet another amazing week here on Pyramid Point!!  It may seem obvious, but it should be said anyway, each week builds upon the last and they keep getting better!

Sunday shone down upon us and provided the perfect backdrop for opening the waterfront.  We had kids, and boats, and waves, and the water trampoline, and pickle, and sandcastles, and paddleboards, and rocks, and boats, and kids.  – in the Leelanau Tradition. 

Tuesday saw the departure of both the Senior Flag Trip and Momo’s Misadventures in Marquette with Meatballs (an alliterative way to say the older boys went rock climbing in the U.P.).  The Backwoodsmen and Early Birds remained in camp to conquer a game called “Prison Kickball” for their evening activity.

Wednesday left camp with only the Early Birds to hold down the fort, or it might be said, to run the roost.  The Backwoodsmen headed to our back property for their Flag Trip, while the Early Birds played on the water tramp, the zipline, and even got to sneak into the Silversmithing Shop and make a ring!

Thursday brought the return of the Backwoodsmen and the Meatball Trip, this meant the Early Birds weren’t the kings of camp any longer, but they took their demotion well.  It was a new moon and the boys were pretty tired from their trips so we got everybody in camp a hot soapy shower and an early bed time.

On Friday the Senior Flag Trippers returned with that unique odor only found when you combine sweat, smoke, twine, and tackling as we do on the Flag Trip.  With many stories of successful raids and excellent meals the flag trippers slid back into camp, took a nap, and plugged right into the groove of Friday Night pizza and milkshakes.

Saturday camp rested well.  With a late cannon of 9 AM, the boys hustled down to the soccer field for some hardy exercises and a late breakfast after dips.  They spent the morning cleaning their cabins and writing for the camp website.  In the afternoon we did a few service projects around camp to give back to the place that has already given us so very much.

All in all, it was a week to remember, and a highlight of the summer.  So much good goes on, two more weeks of good to go!

The Men of HQ