Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2013

Boy, oh boy this week was HOT!  Like fire!  Week 5 was chock full of joyous activity, much of which revolved around the waterfront to keep everybody nice and cool.

This is one of the things we love about having four or seven weeks with these kids, we can just keep hitting them with true substance.

Sunday we enjoyed our waterfront with a North/South Beach Carnival followed by a spirited Council Fire.  Monday became Super Monday with Water Polo and a Picnic at the Shallows.  For dessert we came back to camp and had Soda Bar in the Lodge followed by the real cherry on top with Weldon sitting everybody down in front of the fireplace to tell the history of Camp Leelanau and welcome the current generation to their heritage of excellence.

Tuesday may very well have been the hottest day of the summer, and every single activity ended up on the beach before the end of the period.  We even popped the clutch on evening activity in favor of opening the beach, dragging out sail boats, kayaks, and paddleboards and having a grand old time until the sunset.

Wednesday we emptied the Camp of youngsters by sending every cabin in the Junior Section and Iroquois out on Cabin Trips.  Argosy headed to the Cradle Campsite, Tortuga and Barbados braved the Platte River,  Sea Hornet stomped through the swamps and slept In the Back Meadow, while Iroquois hiked through the Platte Plains and camped along Lake Michigan.

While the Juniors were away the Seniors had rocking Cabin Days, including mountain biking the VASA trail in Traverse City, grilling burgers and handing out high-fives in Empire, and floating (literally with just lifejackets and smiles) the Crystal River. 

Thursday found the big boys trying out for their respective Flag Teams, while Friday brought the team competition into focus once again with a little tradition we like to call “The Ole Ball Game”.  A great evening at the ballpark was had by all, as South took the game 5-9.

We are all wishing the Flag Trip boys good luck next week as we gear up for week number 6 at Camp Leelanau for Boys.

The Men of HQ