Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2014

It is entirely possible that no one in Leelanau can remember as far back as last Sunday.  SO MUCH has happened here in one week, that it would stretch the human mind to its capacity to retain all of the good wholesome fun.

Conveniently, the Men and Boys of Camp Leelanau are guided by the Divine Mind and it’s infinite capacity, so it is pretty darn easy to share all of the good that has been accomplished here on Pyramid Point this past week.

Sunday saw the entire boys camp engaged in an imaginative game modeled off of Star Wars Battlefront.  The boys played versions of Capture the Flag, Bombardment, and Tag, all while running around Camp protecting their “younglings” and being chased by Stormtroopers.  Council Fire that night was particularly Spirited as we celebrated each other’s successes.

Monday worked hard to provide a routine, but restful day as we stood on the precipice of the Senior Flag Trip, Meatball Trip, and Backwoodsmen Flag Trip.  Everybody took an extra long look at the lesson on Life in preparation for the big week ahead.

In the evening we played a brand new game for the boys, called the Superlative Game, where we celebrated the best, most, and funniest parts of our teams and Camp.

Tuesday waved away both the Senior Flag Trip, as they loaded the bus and headed for the “Leland Library”, and the Meatballs as they launched down the Mighty Platte River.  Both trips had a solemn air about them because of the cool grey weather wrapping around Pyramid Point.

Of course, in the evening the Sun returned and all of the Juniors and Backwoodsmen headed to the Backside of the Dunes for a Camp favorite of Dune Football.  And…the bus just happened to have a little bit of engine trouble right in front of the ice cream shop.  Go figure.

Wednesday Camp really cleared out!  With the Senior Flag Trip away, the Meatballs away, it was time to send the Backwoodsmen out for their very own Flag Trip experience.  This left only the Early Birds to run Camp!  Of course those cuties got right to work weed whacking, silversmithing, and paddle boarding on one of our most beautiful Northern Michigan days of the summer.

Thursday brought a little more normalcy back to the Leelanau Schedule with the return of the Meatballs and the Backwoodsman, the Early Birds weren’t the big shots any longer.  A good game of Junior Soccer however seemed to keep everybody’s attention that evening.

Friday welcomed back the Senior Flag Trippers with stories of daring doo and narrowly caught flags.  We went ahead and let the fellows have a well deserved nap that afternoon, and then found our way down to the beach for an evening beach period including sailboats and paddleboards outlined against the setting sun.  It was an evening for the photo album for sure!

It’s hard to believe that another week has flown by and there are only two weeks left in the summer.  We’ll just have to be sure to conquer our fears, express more Love, and be more unselfish with greater alacrity for these next two weeks.

From the Desk of HQ