Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2016

Caught, Caught, Caught…

Well the whole Boys Camp has Caught the excitement of the Flag Trip!!

The Senior Flag Trip headed to the Late Successional Deciduous Forests of Leelanau County on Tuesday morning.

The Backwoodsman Flag Trip departed on Wednesday.

The Early Birds took over Camp for a day while everybody else was away!

On Monday the whole Camp took a deep breath and enjoyed regular activities and the camaraderie that comes from having every single kid at bowl meetings and deck time.  The evening activity was a hearty game of Superlatives between the North and South Team.

Tuesday morning dawned bright, warm, and with a palpable excitement in the air as the Senior Flag Trippers scrambled to finish their packing needs, do a final count of butter, twine, and sharp saws, and line up to load the Big Blue Bus. 

The fellows installed their campsites that afternoon and played a little Capture the Flag that evening.  By Wednesday morning the score was 3-0 Tigers, but the Panthers wouldn’t be counted out that early.  The tide turned before Game-Off for Church as the Panthers picked up a 6-5 lead, only to have Eric Olsen tie it up 6-6 seconds before the Testimonies began.

Thursday saw a tight game as the fellows worked diligently to tidy up their Campsites for Final Judging that evening.  As the night wore on the Game seemed to open up in favor of the Tigers with a Final 13-8 Flag count. 

The raids, tackles, and flags only account for a portion of the story for both Panther and Tiger Teams.  The structure creativity, the meals served, the teamwork, and the healings shared tell the true story of the Flag Trip.

When Weldon came to collect them Friday morning there were only triumphant smiles on all the very dirty faces!

The Backwoodsmen shared a similar experience, though slightly more one-sided in the game play.  The North and South Backwoodsman met on the Back Property of Camp on Wednesday.  They built a table and a jail, cooked two meals, and played a very North dominant game of Capture the Flag.  The kids returned on Thursday morning inspired to continue the tradition of Flag Tripping at Leelanau.

The Early Birds found themselves the only kids in Camp on Wednesday by 10:30 in the morning and took full advantage of their unbridled access to Camp’s resources.  They first took themselves on an exploration of the Beaver Pond, and then gained access to the rifle range under Paul Olsen’s watchful eye.  They even made it all the way to the Raft that afternoon during beach period.

By Friday everybody was back in Camp and glad to be together again.  On Saturday Camp had a Super Sleep-in followed by breakfast at the Lodge.  In the afternoon the fellows headed back out to Shalda Creek for some good old-fashioned frog catching and creek play.  There is no Leelanau Man or Boy that is too old, too cool, or to scared to love catching frogs and stomping around in the water.  Gotta love it!!

Two more weeks left and so many good memories to keep making!!

From the Desk of HQ