Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2017

The days are long here at Leelanau, but the weeks are short!

Hearkening all the way back to the beginning of the week can be a challenge when SO much Good has gone on even in the past 24 hours!

It is time to rely on the good ole Sammy 5000 (HQ’s Computer that calculates inspection results, star totals, table assignments, and all numbers relevant to Camp Leelanau’s operations.)  Let’s see what the Sammy produced this week:

Number of Campers in Argosy – 5

Number of Home Letters turned into HQ without addresses – 5

Number of Address-less Home Letters returned to Campers for Addresses – 5

Number of Address-less Home Letters returned to HQ with Addresses – 0

Number of Home Letter-less families – 5 (presumed, still compiling data)

…So that was Sunday afternoon…we promise it gets better 😉

Number of servings of Super Chicken served to the boys at the Shallows on Tuesday – 280

Number of servings the boys consumed that evening – 276

Percentage of that consumption associated with the Cabin of Shawnee – 43%  (there are ten boys in Shawnee, 54 boys total, it’s a scary number.)

Number of boys that took horseback riding this week – 4

Number of daily compliments HQ received from the KOH riding counselors about the boys’ good manners, abilities to ride, and respectful attitudes in their classes – 19

Square footage of the roof of Tortuga – 400

Number of boys that helped CT’s Baxter and Jaxen utilize their newly learned roofing skills to re-roof Tortuga – 8

Number of total man-hours put into the project of reroofing Tortuga as a morning activity – 43

Number of man-hours a professional outfit would have needed – 10

Highest number of trips up and down the ladder in one day exclusively because the chalk line was dropped – 11

Number of trips that went out with their cabins on Wednesday – 6

Number of Cabins left to attend Cabin Day – 2

Number of miles Cherokee paddled across both Glen Lakes and the Crystal River – 8

Average age of Campers in Cherokee – 14

Number of miles Black Swan paddled on the Platte River – 8

Average age of Campers in Black Swan – 9


Number of Lost and Found items left at the Trips Room associated with CT Luke Anderson after the Cabin trips returned on Thursday – 13

Number of cabin trips Luke Anderson participated in – 0

(The Sammy 5000 cannot fathom nor calculate how so many of Luke’s items left his trunk and laundry bag to return to their seeming native home in the lost and found pile by the Trips Room.)

Total Number of Home Runs dinged at the Home Run Derby on Friday evening by all contestants – 66

Number of those Home Runs associated with the Derby Champion – 31

Final Score of the North/South Baseball Game on Friday Evening – 6-5 South

Number of Hotdogs consumed at the Ole Ball Game – 192

Number of Counselors Hidden for the Counselor Hunt on Saturday afternoon – 10

Number of Counselors found by the Campers – 9

Number of times Campers walked directly past Connor Goering without seeing him – 7

The thing that cannot really be quantified is the amount of growth, healing, and good that has gone on all week.  The boys were delivered a challenge last Sunday at Council Fire to give more of themselves and take better care of their spaces and each other.  On Thursday evening we pulled out the old songbooks and raised voices together in the dining room for thirty minutes after dinner.  The spirit of Camp soared as campers connected more deeply to their legacy and expression of Soul.

We are half way through the second session and cannot wait to jump into the next two weeks with the Senior Flag Trip, Backwoodsmen Flag Trip, and many adventures and opportunities for growth looming ahead of us!

Till next week!

The Men of HQ