Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2018

It’s a darn good thing that David Hohle, CSB gave a lecture during the first week reminding us “Time is not a Factor in your Life.”  Otherwise Time would be flying by way too fast!!  We are already half way through our second session and will be sprinting to the finish for these final two weeks!  But before we look ahead, we should take a look back at the accomplishments of Week 5.

The Senior Flag Trip certainly captured a place in everyone’s thought this week.  Tuesday morning the Panther and Tiger teams loaded the bus and headed out to build their structures, cook their meals, and play some good ole Capture the Flag.  The structures and meals began to tick along nicely as the teams got their bearings, but the game play started quite sluggish.  The Tigers sent a few more effective raids towards the beginning of the Trip giving them a 4-1 head start, but their lead didn’t carry them through.  Both teams worked hard to wheedle a Flag here or a Flag there, but it seemed those Tigers were always a raid or two ahead of their Panther brothers.   Come Thursday night a final large and valiant raid from the Panthers tied up the score 9-9!!  What a way to end a Flag Trip.  Now the scoring comes down to those meals, structures, moral, and sportsmanship points both teams work so hard to earn.

While that entire hullabaloo was going on with the Seniors, the Backwoodsmen also spent one night out on a Flag Trip of their own.  The Panther Pups and Tiger Tots headed to the Valentine Property on Wednesday morning, built their jails, and played a little Capture the Flag too.  Funny how they unknowingly modeled their game after the Seniors, by spending more time on cooking and structure building until the final few minutes of the game when the score jumped from a staid 4-3 to a very exciting 19-18 at the end of it all.  Wow, good job to the backwoodsmen for their modeling of sportsmanship and hard work through the whole trip!

On Friday evening at dinner we finally had everybody home and together sharing in the traditional Pizza and Milkshakes!!  It felt good to have the whole family gathered and sharing in stories from the various trips of the week.

We will slam full throttle now into Week 6 because, though a few other trips head out, it is really about achieving in those morning activities, thus earning points for your team and capitalizing on all of the unique opportunities available here at Camp Leelanau!

Until next week, we’ll keep the bell ringing and bowl meetings brief.

The Men of HQ