Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2021


Five Boom’s for five weeks of Camp Leelanau running strong in the summer of 2021! We are SO grateful for another amazing week with a group of amazing boys. A week full of activity too!
Let’s dive into the numbers from the Sammy 5000 and see how things came out.

Ole Ball Game
Full Moon
Rain/Hide and Go Seek in the Pole Barn

Number of Campers that participated in the Camp 5K race and 1 Mile Fun Run: 38
Number of Counselors that willingly participated in the Camp 5K race and 1 Mile Fun Run: 14
Number of Counselors conscripted into participating in the Camp 5K race and 1 Mile Fun Run: 3
Love to see folks getting excited to run and celebrate each other running, and a big thanks to the counselors that got roped into being the “sweep” for each race.
Number of miles a 5K race should be: 3.1
Number of miles a 1 Mile Fun Run should be: 1
Number of miles the Camp 5K course actually is: 2.8
Number of miles the 1 Mile Fun Run actually is: 0.78
Well, that’s the last time we let counselors run with their “smart” watches. The illusion has been shattered.

Number of Cabins that headed out on Cabin Overnights on Wednesday: 5
Number of Cabin Overnights lead by a camper seeking to pass their Instructor Course for their Advanced Outdoorsman Award: 4
Number of Instructor Course candidates that passed their Instructor Course and took an important next step toward their Advanced Outdoorsman Award: 4
Great job Instructors, thanks for leading amazing and fun trips for the younger cabins. And thanks Shawnee for going on an Overnight without an Instructor just because you really wanted to get out there and go camping!

Number of kids that got to go Charter Fishing this week on Lake Michigan: 5
Number of fish caught by those kids: 1
Number of pounds of that one substantial salmon weighed in at: 35
Number of inches that one substantial salmon measured in length: 38
Number of inches the youngest kid on that fishing excursion measures in length: 42
Consider for a moment being in Argosy, on the Lake Michigan, trying for a moment to reel in a fish that is literally the same size as you!
Number of inches that young Argonaut’s eyeballs grew to as that fish was reeled in: 14

Number of inches of rain received between the hours of 3 am and 2pm on Saturday: 14.94 (this is for real, check the weather station for rainfall July 24 in Leelanau County, crazy!)
Number of large camper appropriate indoor spaces Kohahna and their Trips program took over because of the excess rain: 3 (as in, the Lodge, Greathouse, and Trips Building)
Number of large camper appropriate indoor spaces left to Leelanau during morning activities when we needed to leave our cabins and do something productive: 0
Number of brilliant solutions to the above identified problem: 1 (it only takes one )
Number of excellent, although dusty hiding places in the Maintenance Pole Barn: infinite
So, we played Hide and Seek in the Maintenance Pole Barn all morning, and it was amazing. The nooks and crannies the kids found, the creative hiding, and dusty spaces, and most importantly the huge smiles that came from finding just the right spot to stay tucked up and hidden, were all worth the slightly unhappy, but very forgiving, Maintenance Staff we produced by Monday. 

All said, another fantastic week at Camp Leelanau, filled with Growth, Learning, and Opportunities to hunker down and really apply Christian Science, which is really what we are all here for!

-From the Desk of HQ