Cannon Report – Week 5 and 6– 2022

Cannon Report Weeks 5&6

Wow things go by quick around here! As the Desk of HQ, I get items piled up on me very rapidly. Thus I apologize for being behind on tracking down the Week 5 Cannon Report. (Also, I get things piled up underneath me too – usually the Head Counselor’s dirty laundry, but I don’t think you all need to hear a description of that.)

Allow me to share with you the past TWO weeks’ worth of Activity Paperwork that has swirled past my upper surface, and occasionally populated my drawers.

I saw a huge stack of paperwork that said “Senior Flag Trip” on it. There were team lists, menu sheets, scoring rubrics, structure descriptions, tackling rules, C.S. readings, and even a topographical map suggesting the Trip would be played on a piece of property no current Senior or Counselor had ever played on before. Exciting stuff. I was able to glean from these papers that they played North v. South, with some delicious and creative sound meals. And I even got a peek at the final score and North came out victorious. Good job, North Team.

That same week I saw papers regarding the Backwoodsman Flag Trip for the younger fellows, a Meatball Trip that involved securing fishing licenses for the older fellows, and even a petty cash request to take the whole Camp over to participate in the Beach Bards event.

Over the weekend I also saw a topographical map of the Glen Lake School Gymnasium, which could only mean we played July Madness – the North/South Basketball competition too! What a week for one little ole desk.

As Sixth Week got up and running, the WAS (weekly activity sheet) shared the devastating news with me that Camp Leelanau wouldn’t have a Sailing class this week. Shame upon those campers that fail to recognize the amazing and unique opportunity we have here to Sail on Lake Michigan.

The other things I saw this week were Trips Forms for a group heading up to Pictured Rocks, a group heading out to South Manitou, and four brave men heading out for their Solos. Since Final Trip Reports have been slow to be filled out this summer, I have to assume everything went smoothly, but I cannot confirm until the paperwork is completed.

Also, there were quite a few drafts of the Cabin Day plan swishing back and forth on top of me for a while, but it seems like things settled in for some very fun sounding Off Camp Cabin Days.

Those guys never write down their evening activity plans, but I can surmise based on the use of the décor taken from my bottom drawer that Christmas in July was celebrated this week too. Still waiting for that to be put back in the drawer – not uncommon. 

All told from my perspective it was a delightful flurry of amazing activity at Camp Leelanau these past two weeks.

– Literally from the Dest of HQ.