Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2008

Oh my!!! The summer has flown by in the blink of an eye and week six was no exception to the rule. The energy of the full camp could be felt on Sunday night up on Council Fire hill. The benches were rocking and all of the campers we cheering each other on with efficacious energy. This energy flowed right into the week. Activities were rocking all week long and all of the campers came out of the week having earned levels in there activities with a half dozen Advanced levels being achieved.

The trips that went out this week included a full on five day kayaking and hiking hybrid to the Canadian coast of Lake Superior, an artists trip know as the RCA trip, the sailing vacation, and a handful of cabin overnights to top it off. Argosy headed to the Cradle campsite on camps bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan, Black Swan went down and paddled the mighty Platte River, Shawnee took a bike trip all over Pyramid Point, and Cherokee went and played in the Platte Plains area of the National Park.

This was the last week for Leelanau to have off camp Cabin Day and the boys took full advantage of it. We had cabins brining lunches and dinners with them just so they could be of camp enjoying Leelanau County together a little longer. Tubing on Glen Lake, hiking the Empire Bluffs trail, playing in South Bar Lake, going to a local driving range, heading all the way to Otter Creek, doing a Dune Traverse, and having a Ghostbusters hunt around some of the sites were some of the activities that cabins participated in. These great Cabin Day activities were followed up by a picturesque Wednesday Evening Meeting up in the meadow behind the Great House. In other words, every single camper hit the pillow that night feeling like they had taken full advantage of the day.

Evening activities this week took campers all over the county. On Tuesday night Clark took 15 boys out of camp and headed into Traverse City to watch the farm league known as the Beach Bums, play a game on a gorgeous evening. On Thursday night a dozen campers headed to Sutton’s Bay to watch a production of the West Side Story. Friday night we had the privilege of hosting a lecturer for an hour followed by an all camp scavenger hunt. Of course we also has some old stand-bys this week, with the junior section playing some biscuit mayhem and the seniors enjoying an nail bitter of a flag football game and some foxes and hounds. The evenings were so beautiful that a couple times this week we headed down to the beach after evening activities for bon fires and soap dips.

On this sunny and 80 degree Sunday afternoon we had the first round of the L.I.F.E. (Leelanau Invitational Frisbut Experience) tournament. Both of the games were close hard fought games won by slight two point margins. Next weekend’s finals game should be one for the ages. Of course we couldn’t keep the beach closed on such a beautiful and most of the camp made its way down to the lake for a dip.

As we close in on the final days of our summer we are striving to constantly make the most out of every single moment that we get to spend on our little slice of paradise here in Northern Michigan. This is the week where the campers are expected to be at their best. We have raised our standards all summer long and will look to finish all of these young men’s summers off right. The Spirit that flows through Leelanau will surely be felt this final week.