Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2009

KaBoom!  What a week it has been up in the Northern Woods of Camp Leelanau!.  We all sang and celebrated as the North team was pronounced victor of the ’09 Flag Trip during Counsel Fire.  With the Flag Trip behind us, we moved into week six.

Early Monday morning, ten burly campers and four counselors headed off to Canada for a week of canoeing and fishing or climbing and kayaking.  These are both new additions to our star-studded trips program, and we hope the fish are biting, and the rock is hard.  These were two of our more advanced trips, but not the only ones to go out.  Tuesday morning we had a studly group of canoers go after the ­­­­Platte River for a great overnight.  Wednesday morning Steve drove the bus to the Leland Marina so ­­11 guys could take the ferry to North Manitou and explore the amazing island for three days and two nights.  Any and all trips to the Manitous are amazing because we see them everyday during dips and visiting them makes them that much more real to the campers.  When one stands on the beach staring at the far away islands after traversing across them, he then has a story of the far away land and how mystical it really is.

For those of us in camp, we demonstrated the diversity and joy manifested morning, afternoon, and evening activities.  On Monday we had the cabins of Argosy and Black Swan do their own evening activity so that the older boys in the Junior Section had a chance playing against kids closer to their own size.  This was quite successful as the Early Birds thoroughly enjoyed their walk to Pyramid Point while the campers in Tortuga, Barbados and Sea Hornet had a sweet time playing kickball.  Wednesday we took full advantage of all of Camp’s resources for Cabin Day as we had two cabins in sail boats, a cabin playing on the beach, a few cabins on bikes, and the rest using our beautiful land to its greatest potential.  That Wednesday night we had our Testimony Meeting and a spirited hymn sing.

Thursday was the day of bus rides as we drove to Traverse City and Camp Interlochen.  Camp had its first ever co-ed trip to Inland Seas for a science boat ride.  It was an experimental learning trip that gave campers the chance to ride on an old sailing vessel, as well as do experiments over fresh water ecosystem.  Camp is the best place to learn new things, and this was another outlet for our constant stream of experiences.  We also took our second summer trip to Camp Interlochen where we saw “Anything Goes” and had a fun time watching the talented cast of kids from Camp Interlochen.

The week of adventure continues tonight as Glenn and Fred will take ­12 campers to a Traverse City Beach Bum’s Game preceded by dinner at Culverts.  The Beach Bums play in the Frontier League and are a great team to watch for baseball lovers.  It’s a fun night the campers can’t get enough of.

Week six is drawing to a close, and week seven is just around the corner.  The fellas will be taking full advantage of their last week of camp so when the cold days of winter roll in they can stay warm thinking of the epic Final Banquet and the inspiring Counsel Fire Hill.  The sun is setting as with finish the day with “…all is well, safely rest, God is nigh.”