Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2010

Well, well, well…  Week 6 was a monster of a week!  A tubular trio of trips took a lot of the guys out on the trail.  An awesome climbing trip, led by Jeff “Wolverine” Eckert and Jake “Trippy” Mohan, went up to the burly Keweenaw Peninsula in the UP.  Eric “Grizzly” Olsen and Will “Wiz” Bisbee took some boys to hike the Porcupine Mountains and got an eyeful of gorgeous scenery and natural awesomeness.  Some of the younger guys took an intense paddle down the Platte River with Brett “Kaboom” Banning and Steve “Tiger” Creighton.

As if the Ole’ Ball Game wasn’t enough, the entire senior section had the opportunity to travel and watch our very own Traverse City Beach Bums hit some zingers and nab some runs at their stadium.

Week 6 also marked the start of the annual LIFE Tournament.  All teams played hard, but Green and White will be going head-to-head in the championship final at the end of 7th week on Saturday.

The Camper vs. Counselor soccer game took place on our new field after spending the summer traveling over to Miles Kimmerly Park to allow our field time to grow.  Freddy “Calves” Morrison made a monster save to keep the counselors in the game and lead them to victory, as per usual.

The week was capped off by a common occurrence around these parts: an amazing council fire.  HQ’s message, inspired by the Biblical story of Nicodemus, was to go into 7th week giving 110%, feeling fresh, and with guns-blazing!  Max “Pecs” Warner and Paul “Beard” Olsen may have put an end to the whole Sailing/Waterskiing debate with one of the funniest skits in recent times.  At the end of counsel fire, Dave “Boardman” Heckel and John “Texa$” Patzwald spoke to the guys about being a camp hero and staying connected with your brothers.

With one week to go, we are sure to keep the memorable moments flowing as the boys cap off an amazing summer. Another day in paradise…

Big Event of the past week – Beach Bums Game

Team games  – log sawing challenge during council fire-North won.

Highlight of the week – Camp Alum Rich Bachus teaching windsurfing

Best meal that week – Roast beef sandwiches with au jus.

Honor Cabins:
Early Bird – Black Swan

Backwoodsman – Tortuga

Pioneer – Shoshonis

Star Totals:  North =  Q      South =  Z

Crib Stars: Bill Gates’s total net-worth times the price of Apple stock= too many digits to write down.