Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2011

This may have been the biggest and best week of camp yet!  The Sammy 5000 has been working hard to crunch all the numbers but let’s take a look at what we know.

The Leelanau Index:

  • Number of different instruments used during Max and Fred’s concert for both camps Monday evening – 18
  • Number of Santa hats used in Xmas in July – 5
  • Number of Juniors that were able to wake up and attend Xmas in July on Monday night – 0
  • Number of cookies the seniors had to eat because the juniors were not present – 238
  • Number of kids out on the Flag Trip – 24, Counselors – 6
  • Number of counselors covering the Senior Section on Tuesday Night after the Senior Flag Trip left – 1 (hurray for Drake Schaberg!)
  • Number of Testimonies at the Senior Flag Trip Wednesday Service – 7
  • Number of Testimonies at the Backwoodsman Flag Trip Wednesday Service – 47
  • Number of cherries picked by the Early Birds on their Cabin Day – 2,316
  • Number of miles the Meatballs added to their Triathlon by getting lost in the woods while running towards Lime Lake – 2.1
  • Number of Northies asleep in their site 30 minutes into “Game On” Thursday morning – 14
  • Number of Flags scored by South because of it – 12
  • Number of testimony-worthy highlights shared when Weldon picked up the Senior Flag Trip on Friday morning – 52
  • Number of Flags scored by South all trip – 23
  • Number of Flags scored by North all trip – 27
  • Number of pizzas eaten on Friday night when we had everybody back in camp – 46
  • Number of items on the Saturday Scavenger Hunt List – 27
  • Circumference of Freddy Momo’s calves – 19.75 inches (and yes that was on the Scavenger Hunt List)

We also played the Camper v. Counselor soccer game Saturday night, and the L.I.F.E. tournament on Sunday.   It looks like Red and Blue will be continuing on to the finals next Saturday, while Green and White will play the consolation round this coming Thursday.  As you can see we have had another amazing week.  And with one week left we will be pushing forward to really give our all and make the most moments we possibly can.