Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2012

Another week has gone by in the blink of an eye.  It goes without saying that as we fill the days with joyous activity, study our lesson on Love, and give gratitude for the good already received, our days barrel along buoyantly.  Each day this week brought a fresh adventure, newness of Spirit, and growth in grace.

On Monday the North and South Teams faced off once again, but not on a Flag Trip, or the soccer field; they challenged each other in the dining room with a Table Manners Competition!  Each team chose their six best mannered representatives, sat together, ate a meal (extra sloppy Jambalaya) and engaged in civil conversation.  All the while, our very own Dane Carlson stalked around the tables, took notes, and judged righteously, all while wearing a kilt!  It turns out North won with Graeme Mahon as their MVP.

On Tuesday the Creativity in Camp Programs Department unleashed their greatest creation yet:  All Holidays Day!  That is correct, we celebrated a full year’s worth of holidays in one day, including every single kids’ birthday as our “year” progressed from New Years Day at Dips to Christmas at evening activity.  Some highlights from that day included green milk at breakfast for St. Patrick’s Day, Tom wearing stilts and a skeleton mask for Halloween, and of course Thanksgiving Dinner. 

On Wednesday the heavens opened up and the rain pounded down.  We canceled activities and donned our camos and cleats for a whole camp game of RISK.  The amount of joyous running, tackling, strategizing, etc. that poured forth from the youngest campers to the oldest counselors gave me a goose bump as it confirmed in my heart that we are teaching these boys the truest sense of competition.

On Thursday we permitted ourselves an extremely normal day of activities – normal morning, normal afternoon, normal beach period.  A breath of fresh air and focus on the perfection that is camp.  That evening we had the unique privilege of welcoming two members of the TMC Youth crew to camp for a presentation on the good work the Mother Church is doing for the youth of our movement.

On Friday the sky threatened rain once again, but we collectively shook our fist at the very idea and carried on with our activities.  By evening a warm setting sun bathed the soccer field as the juniors played their final game of Friday Night Soccer.

Saturday brought another round of North/South Team Games with close competitions in all of the age groups.  We switched things up and taught our last set of morning activities in the afternoon before the grand Camper versus Counselor soccer game for the big kids. 

With one week left, the campers are scrambling to complete their activity levels, the counselors are raising the bar yet again and demanding even more brotherly love, unselfishness, sportsmanship, and growth, and HQ is overseeing the harmony of one more perfect week for Camp Leelanau.

One more time, signed.

The Men of HQ.