Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2013

Flag Trip Week!!
Just about every single kid went on an adventure of some sort this week.  The Senior Flag Trip, one of the peak experiences for our older campers, headed into the Eastern Deciduous Forests of Northern Michigan on Tuesday for four days of intense cooking, lashing, capture the flag playing growth.  They all came out of the experience stronger Christian Scientists and better men for it, and blended right back into Camp without the smell of smoke on them!
While the Senior Flag Trippers were away, the rest of the older boys went canoeing on the Au Sable River and pioneered that beautiful and swift waterway for Camp Leelanau.  The Backwoodsmen headed out on their own Flag Trip adventure on Wednesday where the 5th through 8th graders played capture the flag and camped out while expressing excellent brotherly love and sportsmanship.
If you are tracking along, dear Reader, you will notice that on Wednesday every single person was out of Camp on a trip of some sort.  Everyone, but the Cabin of Argosy, that is.  The brave Argonauts stayed in Camp and had the run of the whole place!  They went fishing, did riflery, ate meals with the girls, wrote testimonies in Eagles Nest, and fell asleep before hymn sing.  An excellent day for the little tykes!
While the Trips Program may think they won this week by getting nearly everybody out of Camp, some would say HQ still pulled off some smashingly good activities on the side.  On Monday we celebrated Halloween with the whole Camp, including a costume contest and a “haunted” trail presented by the Cabin of Algonquin.  And Friday evening the creative juices really got to flow as each cabin worked on an expression of gratitude for our support staff.  These fine parents and staff that help make Camp run behind the scenes received, cookies, t-shirts, plaqques, banners, and in the case of the Cleaning Mom a tiny toilet seat to hang from the mirror of the cleaning van!  What a loving and creative bunch of rascals we have at camp this summer!
The Men of HQ