Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2014

Where does the time go?  End of Week Six?  How can this be?

Well, its probably because on Sunday we held our annual Day at the County Fair, with popcorn, waterslide, ponies, and carnival games for both Kohahna and Leelanau on the Soccer Field.  Following that we had the formal announcement of the North Team winning the Flag Trip up at Council Fire.

Monday saw the departure of most of the Backwoodsman section for the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness area, and a comically lopsided but still incredibly enjoyable game of Leelanau Hunger Games for evening activity.  The little guys held up very well against the Pioneer Section in a Game that sends strategy, athleticism, and stealth into the arena.

Tuesday brought the heat!  The hottest day of the summer so far, and a strong south wind made the Small Craft Advisory and Rip Current warnings particularly unwelcome at Leelanau.  So…We popped the clutch, canceled afternoon activities and took the whole Camp to the Shallows to cool off and play in Little Glen.  Brilliant!  (especially the move HQ pulled by having that extra bus driver handy!)

Wednesday found the boys having Church before Breakfast, Breakfast for Dinner, Cabin Day in the Morning, and Activities in the Afternoon.  What?  That’s correct, it was Backwards Day!  Nothing beats French Toast for Dinner, except getting to have Dips before  Bedtime.

Thursday brought Normalcy back to Camp, with regular Afternoon Activities, including something called “Hardwork” where Weldon lead seven young men in laborious tasks including dragging out a tree, digging holes, and hauling sand off the Beach.  Well, mostly normal…the Early Birds headed out for South Manitou Island for an overnight trip which left the Junior Section with exactly enough kids to justify Tubing as an Evening Activity.  Otherwise, it was business as usual!

Friday started early with both Camps meeting on the soccer field to cheer on their peers in running a 5K race through Camp, and onto our Back Property!  It was a beautiful morning for a race and the runners performed excellently.  On the opposite end of the day, we found ourselves cuddled up by the fire in the Lodge singing Christmas Carols and listening to Christmas stories because of the Date July 25!  It was a special night for all of the boys, and really had a Spirit of Christmas.

Saturday the creative juices got to really flow, as Leelanau combined their intimate knowledge of the Old Testament with their consistent desire to play games that involve tackling each in the woods.  Thus the return of Moses and the Idols!  The boys spent the morning building “Idols” in the woods that represented various modern temptations, then afternoon found them searching for the other teams idols and trying to knock them over until all “Idols” were destroyed and the “Four Tribes” could work together to seek Moses and received the Ten Commandments.  The creativity, sportsmanship, athleticism, industry, artistry, and leadership displayed reminded us all of the good work we are doing here at Camp Leelanau!

Gee wiz, looking up at the list of things we’ve accomplished this past week really helps us see why exactly the week would have zipped by SO fast in the first place.  Well, one week left, we are going to really, really, really kick it in!!

From the Desk of HQ