Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2016

Weldon is all talk.  He promised HQ and the Counselors that this was going to be a “Normal Week of Camp”.  He claimed it would be the most normal of all the weeks.  No Flag Trip, no Final Events, just straightforward and smooth sailing normal.


Well….if going nonstop, gangbusters, full throttle, chock full of special activities and opportunities, memorable moments a mile a minute is normal…then Weldon is dead on accurate.


Water polo!  The whole Camp headed to the Shallows to tackle with love and run through the water making plays and playing hard.  Even the Early Birds got in on their own “Half Court Polo” where they learned the spirit of one of Leelanau’s favorite games.


Trips!  Tortuga took a Cabin Trip.  The Pine River Trip went out.  Ten full sized fellows went to the Upper Peninsula for Rock Climbing.  Five fellows completed their Advanced Outdoorsman Solos.


Music!  John Van Patten joined us this week to share his talent for teaching and love of music.  Every afternoon he led afternoon activities called “Make a Joyful Noise”, “Bang on Things!”,  “Bring the Funk”, or “Sounds Around Camp.” And every afternoon different folks had the opportunity to build a piano out of dishes, or create a drum circle with trash cans and ladders, or something else totally inspired and musical.  He also took a van full of folks down to Interlochen Center for the Arts to hear professional musicians share their craft.


CT Take Over!  The Counselor Trainees took the reigns from HQ for a whole day.  They blew off the cannon, rang the bells, signed kids up for activities, brought “Order to the Court” at the Head Table, and designed evening activities for the whole Camp.  They all did a great job and got a taste for the work that may be ahead of them in future summers.


Healings!  Testimonies abounded at Wednesday Testimony Meeting.  Eagles Nest has been lifting thought all over Camp this week.  Our amazing Christian Science Nurse and Practitioner have been guiding the boys in their spiritual pursuits and allowing thought to stir towards the Divine this week.  We sure can’t thank those two enough for the love they share with Leelanau.


Backwards Day!  That is correct, we did everything backwards all day on Wednesday.  We began the day with Hymn Sing and Church and ended the evening with Dips and the Cannon.  It was a confusing, exciting, and very fun way to shake up the Camp Routine.


As stated above, if Camp is about pushing perceived boundaries, giving your all in the name of selflessness and community living, and finding ways to Love nonstop, then Camp Leelanau had its Most Normal of all Weeks because we did those things to the Max this Week!


From the Desk of HQ