Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2017

Flag Week!

Senior Flag Trip, Backwoodsmen Flag Trip, New Flag Pole, the list goes on and on!

On Monday, as the Juniors and younger Seniors settled into their regular activities, the Big Boys played Pumpkin Ball and had an inspirational meeting with our Practitioner to prepare for the Senior Flag Trip.  They also loaded the bus and drove to a Christian Science Lecture (with Kohahna) in Charlevoix, MI.  It was a long bus ride, but worth every moment of inspiration to kick off the week.

Tuesday the Big Boys headed into the woods to begin building their structures, cooking their meals, and playing Capture the Flag.

Back at Camp the rest of the crew celebrated Christmas in July for evening activity in a manner that only a group of young boys could.  J  They “sledded” down the waterslide, they acted out their favorite Christmas movies, and they did the “Santa Relay” where they had to haul a laundry bag full of boxes through an obstacle course!

Wednesday the weather came to play at Camp too!  The Backwoodsmen headed out for their overnight Flag Trip.  The Early Birds were kings of Camp.  And at around one in the afternoon the heavens opened up for the largest rain of the summer.  No one was dry!  The Seniors kept their fires burning and their game playing in the loud wetness.  The Backwoodsmen carried on building their jails after hunkering under a tarp for worst of it.  The Early Birds hunkered in their cabins before heading to see the Mud Pits churning with fresh mud!

The sun returned to dry everyone and warm everyone up by evening and the Senior Flag Trippers held an inspired church service on their hill.  The Backwoodsmen persisted to play capture the flag and make dinner out their, but then came and slept on the dry floor of the lodge at bedtime.

Thursday dawned warm, dry, and bright!  Thank the Father!  The Early Birds and Backwoodsmen returned to their normally scheduled activities and the Senior Flag Trip was able to hold a lovely Beach Carnival and tidy up their sites in time for Final Inspection and Final Banquet.

Friday morning brought the whole Camp Family home!  Reunited as a group, the Flag Trippers took an extended rest hour and rejoined Camp with enthusiasm in time for Pizza and Milkshakes!  But before dinner a few burly backwoodsmen, Weldon, and Steve Bluhm worked together to bring the Brand New Camp Flag Pole!  up the hill and upright in front of HQ.  After a six weeks of raising and lowering the American Flag only about 16 feet each day, Camp Leelanau can now proudly hoist Ole’ Glory a full 36 feet into the air!

Friday evening the whole camp took a few reflective moments before heading to the beach for evening sailing, paddle boarding, raft play, and swimming as the sun set on Pyramid Point.  A glorious end to  a glorious week!

Seventh week is upon us…

Until then,

The Men of HQ