Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2018

It’s a good thing the lesson was on Truth this week, because it would be dishonest to bill Week 6 as a “normal” week of Camp.  Sure, activities were taught, bowl meeting took place.  But holy-moley did we shake things up along the way!!

On Monday, we brought back a parental favorite – the North-South Manners Competition.  Three Juniors and three Seniors from each team sat at dinner with way more silverware than usual while Judges Lisa and Keith Johnson walked around with a clipboard and whistle assessing every move they made.  The debrief proved educational for all, and the shout-outs for “best napkin use” and “best cutlery management” were particularly fun!

On Tuesday we sent out ten brave men to explore the rugged landscape of North Manitou Island.  From Leland they boarded the ferry with backpacks filled with food and excitement spilling over.  Also Tuesday Morning, the Moothart Boys absconded with four advanced skiers and a Head Counselor for the first ever Waterski Trip to Torch Lake and Elk Lake.  It should go without saying those boys got plenty of time behind the boat.

Wednesday morning dawned early for the seven men sneaking out of cabins before the cannon to head to Canada for four days of sea kayaking and exploring the North Channel of Lake Huron.  With three trips out that morning the rest of us decided to celebrate a few holidays!  Actually we celebrated a whole year’s worth of holidays in one Wednesday.  We began on the beach with New Year’s Resolution Exercises.  We talked about Love and Truth for Valentine’s Day during Quiet Time.  The Kitchen fixed us up with some pretty amazing Irish Breakfast foods for St. Patrick’s Day.  And the boys even hid eggs in their cabins for the Inspector to find at Easter.  By Lunchtime it was Fourth of July Picnic Time and after Cabin Day we donned our Halloween Costumes for Trick or Treatment with Eagles Nest.  Again the Kitchen outdid themselves with a Thanksgiving Feast Mom and Grandma would be proud of and after Wednesday Evening Testimony Meeting we sang Carols in the Great House for a wrap up of the day and year with Christmas in July.

On Thursday most of the Trips were home and things here getting back to “normal” with HUGE waves on Lake Michigan for bodysurfing and beach play in the afternoon.  That evening the clouds rolled in and created a perfect atmosphere for an All Camp game of the Hunger Games, a fan favorite as far as evening activities go.

By Friday we’d monkeyed around with the schedule so much everyone was on tenterhooks as to whether we’d even have our traditional Pizza and Milkshakes at Dinner.  Rest assured, Pizza and Milkshakes were served.  It wasn’t until AFTER dinner that we started messing with them again.  Because Friday was the night of the full moon and lunar eclipse (best seen anywhere but North America), we decided to start evening activity for the Senior Boys at 9:05 PM.  We headed first to the Marina for Moonlight Tubing (totally legal in Michigan for an hour after sunset).  Then headed to the Schoolhouse at the end of Port Oneida Road (an up and coming community with a rich history) and played glow stick kickball until midnight.  The boys loved the adventure and newness of it all.  Hopefully they also appreciated the beauty of a full moon too!

If five days of amazing, creative, fulfilling activity weren’t enough for anybody we really took the wheels off the apple cart on Saturday.  It began with a North-South Track Meet first thing in the morning, followed by a dip at the Backside of the Dunes and a lively game of Dune Football.  After Lunch the Seniors collected nature items for our neighbors in Glen Arbor at Cherry Republic, while the Juniors rode the bus into Traverse City for a private showing at the State Theater of E.T.!!!  These are certainly things you never thought you’d get to do at Camp, but when the opportunity presents itself to connect kids with the community we can’t pass them up.

We are all kinds of fired up to drive all of the lessons of Camp home in the final week.  Thank goodness trips are done and the whole Camp Family is together for one more week of AWESOME!!

From the Desk of HQ