Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2019


Week Six is where we knuckle down and put all the things we’ve talked about into practice.  All that Brotherly Love business.  All that Sportsmanship.  All that Unselfishness.  All that and more has been demanded of us this past week.

The Senior Flag Trip and The Backwoodsman Flag Trip are two of our peak experiences for their respective age groups.  Both activities, different in scope but similar in nature, push the boys well outside of their comfort zones and allow opportunities to really dig deeply into the study of Christian Science.

On Monday we felt a great calm before the storm of Flag Trips.  We worked to have a most normal of all days with regular activity and table assignments.  The goal was for a mellow evening activity.  With that in mind we set out to assign lip-syncs for each cabin to perform for each other.  Well…so much for mellow!  Our belly’s ached from laughing; our throats were raw from cheering.  Boys in dresses, dancing to Pop Music is just too much awesome for one evening at Leelanau.

Tuesday brought the departure of the Senior Flag Trip.  Eleven guys from the South Team and eleven guys from the North Team loaded their food, gear, tents, and Flags into the trailers and headed out into the forests behind Camp to install for four days.  They got right to work building their structures and serving up inventive and delicious meals, all while playing a very competitive game of Capture the Flag.

On Wednesday we afforded a very similar opportunity, albeit on a truncated scale, to our Backwoodsmen campers.  The Cabins of Barbados, Sea Hornet, Iroquois, and Cherokee loaded the Bus and headed to a pair of Campsites a little further away from Camp and engaged in much of the same vigorous structure making and Capture the Flag playing for the glory of the North or South Team.

All the while, our Early Bird Campers, from the cabins of Black Swan and Tortuga  stayed home and ran Camp for us.  They did an excellent job zip-lining, ringing bells, and making sure all 14 of them were on time to meals and church that night.  The success of the day can likely be laid exclusively at the feet of a few key boys in Black Swan.

On Thursday everyone, but the Seniors, returned home and back to routine.  Up on the hill the Senior Flag Trip was just heating up with a few successful efforts of offense from both teams, and going into the final night a very close scoring flag game…

By Friday the dust had settled, the Seniors returned for a refreshing dip in Lake Michigan and a well deserved afternoon nap.

That evening the Juniors met on the Huey Field for another night of Friday Night Soccer while the Seniors headed over to the Leelanau School for a bonfire of songs and skits at a venue called Beach Bards.

Saturday afforded the whole camp a little event we call “Super Sleep-In.”  The cannon didn’t go off until 9 in the morning!  And boy did the fellows appreciate a little extra rest.

Now, rested and recharged the whole of Leelanau will jump into Week 7 with both feet.  No more trips to pull us away from each other, the entire Boy’s Camp will charge forward to get the most out of the good Camp has to give in the form of Week 7!

From the Desk of HQ