Cannon Report – Week 7 – 2011

The finale, in fact, was grand.

The final week is always a whirlwind: heartfelt hugs, exciting activities, frantically completed team stars, well-earned awards, memorable cabin days, mountains of smiles, and torrents of gratitude for Camp Leelanau and Christian Science are unleashed.

As the dust settles, the lost and found gets coagulated; the Men of HQ look back and reflect on the great good that has occurred this seventh week and all summer long.

We got everybody out to the dunes one more time on Monday evening.  On Tuesday evening both camps gathered to cheer for the dramatic arts as we watched Oliver performed by our drama classes.

Speed and Agility with Phil Hufstader was an exciting event this week as many of the boys and girls worked hard to prepare for their fall athletics.  All of the boys found new ways to push themselves and dig deeper into Christian Science while learning new torturous workout schemes.

The celebrations began on Thursday night as we gathered around the Ottawa fire ring for our Funny Awards exchange.  Many campers and counselors were recognized for both hilarious and heartfelt moments.

Final Banquet brought us a great deal of mirth as we celebrated the summer of growth, learning, brotherhood, and excellence.  Many people were recognized for their achievement and excellence with the Core Camper, and Core Artisan awards, the Trips awards, the Seven Medals, the CT Certificates, and the Tom Hilton Award.  At the end of the evening it was revealed that the South Team finally ended the 6-year streak of the North Team and South is the winner for the year.

We welcomed our parents to join us on Saturday for our activities; highlights included a waterski show on our beach and the classic horse show at the riding ring.  After singing and dancing for the parents in the Leelanau Lodge we showed off our athletic prowess with the final game of the L.I.F.E. Tournament.  It was a properly exciting game.

Our Final Council Fire brought us the dramatic conclusion to the “Waterfront Sopranos”.   Turns out those waterskiing thugs thought they could ambush HQ, but Whip was working both sides in an effort to bring about his plan of teaching only plumbing and electrical work.  Everybody held tightly to their sides as we laughed our way through portions of the evening.  We also reflected quietly on our summer, and our commitment to return to the shores of Pyramid Point in 2012.

Sunday morning brought us to those heartfelt hugs that I mentioned at the top of the page.  It was a beautiful 7th week to match the beauty and growth that our campers saw all summer long.  A huge thank you to everybody that made Camp Leelanau for Boys exactly what it was this summer.  Thank you.  Thank you.


The Men of HQ