Cannon Report – Week 7 – 2013

The Final Countdown…What a week of Celebration and Growth!!
Monday found us counting down our final few regular afternoon activities and playing the now famous and much requested “Leelanau Hunger Games” for evening activity with the whole Camp.
Tuesday we headed to the Frontside of the Dunes one last time with the Juniors, and the Shallows for Wapo for the Seniors.  It probably wasn’t much of a surprise when the bus broke down that evening in front of Riverfront and everybody needed a Camp Cone to get it running again.
Wednesday everybody headed hither and yon for our final Cabin Day adventures.  The bonds built over four or seven weeks were strengthened even further as memories were made all over Leelanau County.  
Thursday the Green and White team met on the Frisbutt Pitch to determine the first-place-non-winner of the LIFE tournament.  That evening we gathered around the Ottawa Fire Ring for an excellent gathering focused on giving and sharing our funniest, and sometimes serious, moments of the summer.  The Funny Awards are a highlight every summer, and especially the sharing and debrief afterwards.
Friday found the campers busily packing and cleaning their cabins, shining their shoes, pressing their whites, and polishing their “Sir, Yes, Sir”s in preparation for the final inspection and Final Banquet.  It was an awesome evening of camaraderie, brotherly love, recognition of achievement, and good dessert!  The Spirit of Leelanau was alive and singing loudly through the great room that night.
Saturday we opened the doors to parents and showed off our skills as we showcased, sailing, tennis, riflery, and all of our activities in the morning.  We made a strong showing at the Encore Show as well.  While Kohahna danced all over the Lodge, we sang, danced, cleaned, and rocked out all over the Lodge for many very impressed parents.  The Blue team faced the Red team in the final game of the LIFE Tournament, and Blue came out victorious.  Our Final Council Fire was as riotous as it was serene.  Moment by moment, we laughed, reflected, and listened on our final night all together as Camp Leelanau for Boys.
Thanks for reading these past seven weeks.  It has been a journey of growth, Love, and a whole lot of FUN for everybody at Camp, but especially for the Men of HQ!
Until Week 1, 2014
The Men of HQ