Cannon Report – Week 7 – 2016



The final week of Camp certainly went out with a Bang!  While most folks only remember blurs of whites, banquets, awards, and Council Fire, a whole lot of other things happened along the way.


On Monday half of the Camp was able to participate in a Northern Michigan essential activity…Cherry Picking!  Weldon insisted that wandering through an orchard with a ball cap and best friends, collecting cherries, munching as you go, and throwing a stick at hard to reach ruby red treasures is a mandatory activity for a young man that spends his summer in Northern Michigan.  So we made it happen!


We also took the whole Camp to the Backside of the Dunes that night to play a hearty game of Dune Football.


On Tuesday the Seniors had their final opportunity for Water Polo at the Shallows, and the Juniors played their final game of Bombardment for the summer.  The lessons of Sportsmanship and Great Effort were put into practice at both these events!


Wednesday brought us to our final On Camp Cabin Days and each Cabin found unique opportunities to connect and work together one more time.  Some use the Ropes Course, some headed to Pyramid Point, and some found our beach and raft a delightful medium for joyous play and memory making.


On Wednesday evening we gathered in our New Church spot with an inspired view of Lake Michigan and the Port Oneida Farms for our final Testimony meeting.  The boys were popping up left and right to share their gratitude for Camp and tell us about healings they experienced this summer.


Thursday truly brought the beginning of the end for Leelanau’s Summer 2016 as we celebrated each other by exchanging Funny Awards around the fire.  We all laughed hard at a few awards, and were touched deeply by others.  At the end of the evening Weldon stood up and asked the Camp what they had learned this summer and what were they grateful for.  The answers to these questions were sincere, inspired, and thoughtful as the young men reflected on their past four or seven weeks spent with their brothers.


Friday brought final banquet with all of the pomp, circumstance, and achievement recognition that goes into that evening.  Again, the fellows responded well to the event and held their heads high as they marched across the Great Lawn.


Saturday we welcomed the parents to enjoy our morning activities with us.  In the afternoon they got to witness how well Kohahna sings and dances and how well Leelanau makes beds and wrestles with each other.  We also had the Leelanau Band bring down the house with their rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” In the final game of the L.I.F.E. Tournament  the Blue Team came away victorious.  At our Final Council Fire the fellows truly felt the bond and connection of brothers as we gathered in the Friendship Circle for the last time of the summer.


It was an amazing summer of growth, learning, achievement, and healing and we are already chomping at the bit for next summer to arrive!