Cannon Report – Week 7 – 2017

Kaboom!!  And out with a Bang!

Hard to believe the week seven Cannon Report’s time has come already.  The weeks move way too fast around here!

We warned the staff, we warned the kids, we told them that if they blinked they would miss it.  Camp just flew by us this summer, and SO MUCH good took place along the way.

On Monday we kicked off seventh week by taking the whole camp to the Shallows for Water Polo.  The big kids played one game, the little kids played their own, and everybody tackled hard, made plays, and gave it their all!

On Tuesday we celebrated the CT’s and all their work this summer with a lovely dinner for them with a few of our Board Members.  Then we headed down to the beach for an evening beach bonanza with sailboats, kayaks, paddleboards, and the raft!

On Wednesday everybody headed in a different direction for their final off camp cabin day.  We had folks at Myles Kimmerle Park, Sugarloaf, Glen Arbor, Devil’s Hole, Sleeping Bear Point, and Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive!  We all regrouped at our beloved church hill for a nonstop, testimony poppin’ Wednesday Evening Service.  It was beautiful to hear all of the good healings and gratitude the kids had to share from a summer at Camp!

On Thursday the weather tried to push us around a little bit.  Morning activities were able to sustain though the wind kept waterskiing on the dock.  Speed and agility kept pace, and riflery saw a special guest with special opportunities for the older boys on the range.  In the evening we gathered in the Lodge for a very special night of sharing and exchanging Funny Awards.  The event was filled with both hilarious and extremely tender moments and ended with a firm reminder from Weldon to take Camp home and live it!

On Friday afternoon we played our final game of the Hunger Games in a steady rain which only made the game that much more awesome!  Following the game we took hot soapy showers and got all scrubbed up for Final Banquet and Final Inspection.  It was a spirited evening with great singing and brotherly voices raised in unison.  Awards were given, achievements recognized, and celebration ensued as the plaques revealed the winner of the year.

Saturday morning brought our final full day together with a memorable encore performance by the Leelanau Band and other acts from the summer.  Our Final Council Fire brought us to our sacred hill one final time to stand together and once more “pledge each other that we’ll keep camping friendships strong and deep…till we meet again.”

Thanks to all that contributed to the amazing summer of 2017.

Till next summer,

The Men of HQ