Cannon Report – Week 7 – 2018

KaBoom and they’re gone!

Where did the final week go?

We dug deeply this final week to make the most of every single moment.  On Monday we hit our final Beach Bonanza hard with sailboats, paddleboards, kayaks, and the raft all in full swing as the sun set in the west.   The Camp Photographer had it too easy that night.  All those hardworking, fun-loving, tan boys in orange sunlight make for some iconic picture taking.

On Tuesday we loaded the bus one more time and took the whole Camp to the shallows for evening activity.  HQ’s head had to be on a swivel as the Seniors played Water Polo in the knee-deep water and the Juniors played Water Polo in water up to their knees.  Two totally epic games with good plays, graceful tackles, and amazing sportsmanship occurred concurrently as if these boys have been spending their whole summer learning how to do things right.  😉

On Wednesday everybody gathered with their Cabins for the final Cabin Day of the summer.  We had folks out at Pyramid Point doing flips on the dunes.  We had folks up in the High Ropes Course.  We had folks making a music video.  Most importantly we had all of those folks back together by dinner and heading up to our favorite hillside for Wednesday evening church.  The testimonies were really rocking because who isn’t extremely grateful for a summer full of growth and healing?

By Thursday even Weldon had to concede that Summer was coming to an end.  We added an extra activity period to the afternoon schedule so that kids might put the finishing touches on certain activity levels.  Star totals were coming due and it was still neck and neck between the North and South Teams.  That evening we gathered in our Funny Awards fire ring and shared some very funny, some very touching, all very memorable moments around that fire.

Friday morning the CT’s woke up Camp and enthusiastically ran them down to the water for exercises and dips.  An air of excitement and anticipation carried the boys forward as they packed their trunks and showered up for Final Banquet.  And what a banquet it was!  Filled with singing, good food, and a great sense of camaraderie and achievement.  HQ announced awards, hands were shook, backs slapped, and brotherly recognition abounded.

At the end of the Banquet the South Team won the year, and all campers sang one more good strong Stand Up and Cheer!

Saturday and Sunday were a blur of parents, accolades, and joyous farewells.

Know that we are already counting the days till Summer 2019 and count on seeing everyone right back here at the End of Port Oneida – an up and coming community with a rich history.  Wink!

From the Desk of HQ